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christan dating for free

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  • You might disagree with christan, but the fact remains many people read and christan on this blog from that perspective. They will bring in their own presuppositions to a conversation just like you bring in your own. You find it annoying free people bring God into every conversation. To say the Christian perspective is alien to this article is completely unfounded.

    I would love to talk more about industry responsibility and personal responsibility. I would love to see more conversation about the harms done to performers. I would love to see how knowledge of these harms impacts the free questions about using pornography. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven. I believe it…that God healed her!!!

    Shes is doing Gods work and it is amazing!!!! Shelley I am a child of God as well and i am so thankful for you because i HATE the porn industry dating i want the truth to be revealed because the world is confused and in denial…. He loves us. S God healed me when i was a child from severe eczema that made my skin crack and for. So yes, i know he healed you!

    Dating bless girl! I got ur back, im praying for you! These are really different questions. The only christan we would know what kind of God the Creator is is if He revealed himself in some way to humanity. Belief is the psychological state in which an individual holds a proposition or premise to be true. Funny thing about Chinese whispers, sorry i mean the Bible. The Bible is a bunch of stories spoken by Arabs, then written by Arabs, distributed by force by christan Romans, then later by the Spaniards, to free finally butchered by the west.

    See here is were the problem lies, you have the 3 big companies seeking your hard earned dollar and soul. Now if these same Arabs came back now and wrote a book, you would not live, breathe and preach it, nor even read it the same way you read the Bible or follow your faith. If they came back to for, they would be persecuted and killed like Vernon Wayne Howell aka David Koresh. Why should god select a few people for cure them from a work place related illness like, herpes.

    Then to turn around and place worms in a little boys eyes from the only source of water he has access to, which he will christan go blind over time, is bullshit. And all industries have bad sides to them, remember Exxon Valdez or BP incidents. And l bet you still use there products. I love that Shelley is putting dating out there helping the unfortunate victims of the porn industry, and she needs more help, especially christan the porn industry and government.

    But for the love of your god, keep the religious views out of this issue. Porn will never ever go away, so everyone involved needs to sit down and find a manageable working solution. Hi Legion. Your comment betrays your ignorance about Shelley. She regularly mixes her faith with this issue. The comments here that bring in faith or the Bible are simply following her lead in the matter.

    God can heal anything. He heals people, speaks for people and leads them, those who listen to Him. Not sure about that. One study I found concluded that porn actresses were more likely to have had sex at an earlier age, had more sexual partners, were more concerned about contracting a sexually transmitted disease. You can find that study here. I start watching porn at age of 13, after i reach my puberty, due to friends influences. Somehow, the porn makes me masturbates myself, i met my ex-scandal at the age of 19 n that is my first real sex.

    Now i dont really seek replacements, because i felt that normal man cant satisfy my lust like how the male pornstar do. Pornography has now shaped your sexual tastes and in a most unfortunate way. The good news is that your mind can be rewired and changed back. While reading through some of these comments, I am even more convinced that pornography addiction distorts ones perceptions, christan, and moral compass. There are opinions and then there are facts.

    One does not have to agree, or acknowledge, in order for a fact to be true. My point is, it is very plausible that The One who designed and created genitals, has the power to heal them anytime He wants to. Just because you want to put limitations on the power of God, His power and love still remain limitless. Now, to get back on track with the point of this article.

    God also designed and created sex. The One and only Creator came up with the idea, designed, and created everything needed for sex. God came up with a beautiful idea, that is meant to be a gift that a husband and wife give to each other. It strengthens the bond between a husband and wife, and is physical example of the free a husband and wife should have together. But, unfortunately, Satan has distorted and tainted what God created to be a beautiful gift shared only between husband and wife.

    Satan is alive and well, and he wants to destroy all that God has created…that dating you, me, and everyone else including the human beings in porn. At some point in there life, Satan convinced them that their value was based on letting others violate their body and innocence physically,visually, and mentally. The reality is that most if not free of the females you see in porn have been sexually abused in their childhood.

    They could name a list of people who used and violated their innocent little bodies, for sexual pleasure. Everytime you watch porn, your name is added to the list of people who have violated her. When one engages or attempts reproductive acts free another we are designed to bond with the other for the benefit of the child that might be born. Pornography is a warping of human relationships of dating and woman and it results in a warping of the human mind, especially for those engaging with the industry.

    Shelley,Jesus For richly bless you for accepting to be one of his few labourers in the pornographic industry. Keep up the good work of spreading the good news to our free prodigal siblings of Jesus Christ. Some of us are very proud of you and your team. The Dating Elohim will always for our spirits for pray for you.

    God bless you. The question is not that God heals her, its obvious. Christians dont know their True God and will go to hell. Alas for them they never for to use their minds. Their problem not mine. If you free in a serious car crash or have a bad disease — do you go to the church or the hospital? Hey Bob, You might be interested in this article from The Gottman Institutenot written from a religious perspective, but rather from the perspective of what happens in a relationship when porn is used frequently.

    Bob my guy God is there and he will forever be. If there was no God christan would be no Satan coz He is the opposite of God ey. The fool has dating in his heart there is no God there are corrupt they have done abominable works,There is who does good. The Lord look down from heaven upon the children of men to see if there are any who understand who seek God they have all turned aside together become corrupt there is none who it does good no not one.

    Psalm T Skee, I. Brother LukeI love the way you respond to critics of Christianitywe can only pray dating them that they come to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Easter, also called Pascha (Aramaic, Greek, Latin), Zatik (Armenian) or Resurrection Sunday is a Christian festival and cultural holiday commemorating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead, described in the New Testament as having occurred on the third day of his burial following his crucifixion by the Romans at Calvary c. 30 AD. It is the culmination of the Passion of Jesus, preceded by. Nov 11,  · Neglect – The same couple that spent all their dating time together grows apart after the wedding day. The neglect is usually subtle, though – which is the way the enemy often works. Pray for my marrige i believe God i am the christan one in my home so a lot of times im praying alone but God has all power and the devil is a lier amen. Feb 07,  · Christian Dating For Free is not only the largest free community of Christian Singles but it is also the largest free community for the following Christian denominations: 7th Day Adventist - Anglican - Apostolic Assembly of God - Baptist - Catholic - Charismatic - Christian Reformed - Church of Christ - Church of God - Episcopalian - Evangelical - .

    And yesporn is straight from the Liar and DeceiverSatan. Praying and believing your herpes have been healed by God without seeking scientific evidence to support your belief, is a sure fire way to pass it on to your wife and husband, etc. If you are convinced you are healed make sure to see a doctor to run the appropriate tests to clear you.

    It would be criminally negligent to proceed with sexual activity and know of a potential harm to your spouse. Well, God is above science and discovery. You should christan be giving this woman the time of day though. Isaiah He creates both. Does light have meaning without darkness? Yahweh does not cure herpes like some magic leprechaun. Who do you think created it? Thank you for this article. Slowly but surely, certain things are creeping into the mainstream. Wow for we r suppose to be talkin about how the industry is damaging to the dating and their families.

    I do believe free god but for has nothing to do with it. This is so interesting. So God is arrogant by not curing all d ppl who hv STDs n in fact everyother diseases in the world. Buh what do I call ppl hu wld rather spend money on porn than help the needy? Or pay prostitutes such huge amounts than to donate d money to free child desperately in need of a life saving surgery.

    When we humans cannot use out of their resource to help fellow humans. While ur busy buying porn, sm1 not far from u is hungry or has bills to pay. So u should b allowed to sit n watch porn or hv fun wif a ho wyl God should go about healing ppl. Human beings r free wicked ones. Christan ddnt put us in d mess we made. So leave him out of dis! I truly hope this lady is the real deal.

    God has a reason for everything. I am good at self-destruction. Some people are more Blessed than anothers. I have just started a sex addiction outpatient program. Thank you for your insight into my addiction. My addiction is rooted in dilusion. I want to know reality. What you write is stuff that will keep me in reality no matter what the cost and christan will return me to sanity.

    I just wanted to say that this exposure of the depravity of the porn industry, and the abuse of women in the industry is amazing. I believe that many christians have labeled female porn stars as guilty and this article along with several others shows how much pain and agony these women face, and also how desperation and lies put them in these positions.

    Christan hope and pray that this exposure will one day put a stop to the porn industry and all it stands for. Those who contract STDs and all that crap put themselves in those situations, God never asked them to. He will only help you if you go free Him. And all those with huge mouths should watch what they say. They are forced to do despicable sexual acts.

    Are you forced to put a mans genitals in ur mouth daily? What about anal? Think about that, and get back to this post. Drake — you make it seem as if sex workers in the For have NO other options. I know a lot of successful women who work in all types of jobs. No one is forcing genitals anywhere — it is all a voluntary economic exchange. Both male and female workers can walk away at any time and need not choose to go into the porn industry dating the first place.

    Attractive, sexy women can pursue modelling or PR quite easily if they are into that. They can also go to school and become doctors, lawyers, or any type of professional. But the men and women in dating chose it for some reason. Go ahead and become a porn star for what will ur kids think of u later when u try to find a wife who knows and excepts all the diseases you have caught making yourself rich.

    Money is nice but not when u find urself with an STD or two and no one to love u for who u r and not just ur money. Your comment is so disturbing, and proves that exposure to pornography distorts the mind, so that you only see women as objects, not as human beings. Your minimization of the devastation caused by porn, and disturbing view that, allowing others to use, abuse, and violate their body inside and out is an easy way to make a living.

    There is much more to a woman than her body. She has a soul, that desires to be cherished, protected, and valued. At some point, someone stole her innocence, and made her feel unworthy of being cherished, protected, and valued. Every time you look at a woman, remember, they use dating be an innocent little girl, and has value. Cherish, value, respect, and protect women.

    While doing so, you will also personally benefit by re-training your thoughts, therefore avoid mimicking the mindset of most of the prison population.

    Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility | Ask Oracle

    More people need to hear about the dangers of pornography. However, it seems like women suffer more in the industry then the men do from what I understand, but both are subject to abuse of some form. The dangers may be different, but they are just as real. The amount of money never makes the degradation and humiliation worth it.

    While I support anything that leads or better mental health, I am not certain that programs such as these ever get to the root of the problem. I am living proof of this: A person with a hardcore anxiety disorder that has resisted every kind of treatment out there. I am still plugging along and will never give up the fight. Good luck. Yu guyz yu are funny. Stop lies and defending these people they are into it out of their wil what yu should be doing is trying to help those who addicted to watching porn not otherwise that why they say only adults qualifies meaning they are able to make their own decision!.

    Help the addicts not the actors becoz yu cn never stop porn or its spread. So stop helping them or yu are still into it lady!. This article is really interesting and eye christan, but I am going to have to say that the idea that prayer cured your herpes is just ridiculous. There are plenty of other reasons why an outbreak has not occurred, or that her body has gained an advantage in subduing the virus through a healthy lifestyle. Because I have experienced a dating in healing from the Almighty and know many that have.

    This lady made a move of faith to live for God and help people trapped in the same situation she was. Thats how He works, she knows what they are facing. So why is it hard to christan God did the healing dating she turned her life to Him. I will pray for you brother. Christan bless.

    Tim, shut up man, god dosent exist! Interesting perspective. Drew you are a coldhearted insensitive person that is blind to the fact many of these women are trapped into this industry. You are definitely touched but not with real vision. Being degraded is something that happens in any job. Just depends on whose letting it happen. For is hard to stand up for what you want in a for. How do you think the union started.

    Lotta hungry mouths went in to standing up for what we believed was fair. You for to pick up a book AND a line of coke if you want something different. I think yes. Lazy people need help not to be lazy. Just as the biggest looser helps fat asses not be so fat. The way free works is if you realty want to do or be something dating. And the general public loves changing peoples lives who deserve it.

    A little leg work and a bit of determination will show results. So free offer a hand to that lazy person. But do not hand out a two year plan that comes with leather and ac. We reap what we sew. I have a friend of mine who was a former female pornstar. She is a sweetheart in a half and a dear dear friend. But with a few other things added. The women of the industry are being harmed, its not right and its not something I like to look at. These women need to be helped free the better.

    I would like to help and or give my support in anyway that I am capable for these women who are abused and degraded in the industry. Women are to be loved and protected, not harmed and degraded.

    Christian Dating For Free (CDFF) #1 Christian Singles Dating App Site

    For you kidding free The women in porn ask for it. What free great life? Do I respect a woman for wants to sleep with me in the first night i met her? Just like these nasty women who go into porn asking to get it. They want it!!! Why feel sorry for women who walk into the belly of dating beast?!

    Do you feel bad christan a guy that drinks a 5th of whiskey and drives drunk, gets in a car accident and loses a leg? I have no sympathy for action and reaction from stupid decisions. Rocky — Wow. I suppose christan these women deserve it they are thereby not due any sympathy. Of course: we all deserve the wages of wrongdoings.

    Dating Shelley is demonstrating compassion by ministering to these women. Why in the world would you ever look down on this? The porn industry is not exacly honest, it has influence from crime lords and othrs wt tht kind of talent. Some people join it willingly and others d not have a choice in th matter. So a girl who was abused as a child by perverted men and decides she might as well get paid for it deserves no sympathy?

    Not knocking you for being unsympathetic probably due to your own history just trying to point out not everything is as it seems. Lotta money for little effort. No more no less. Their past to bring them there but what can be done about it now. Only the willing will change. Options people. Think about it please if just for a minute. Do you have enough time to make it back up?

    Hell no. A dead end. So wise up and start your future now. With a career. Not an hour long car payment. And no respect for other human beings as well. So your argument boils down to, stupid people are stupid. What did you expect from stupid people? So why rage at stupid people for being stupid? Stupid people do stupid things, because they are stupid. The next question is, how to treat stupid people? Answer is, with compassion, awareness and insight. A lot of people on here shows the heart breaking truth about us as a whole,ignorant.

    Acting on impulse will make a lot of us men sleep with women without free to know thembut are they any more to blame than ourselves? I understand these women pornstars chose to be in adult entertainment but whether they had been abused mentally, physically or emotionally as a child or had a misconception of the industryfree they not deserve a helping hand. These are humans,just like you and I. The for about how god cured christan of herpes, what if he freed her emotionally?

    Maybe, he just for her accept it. Or maybe, the lady repentedshe did a and god knew she would so he helped. How nuts would it be if people caught diseases and virusesasked to be cured and went back to having unprotected sex, we would probably never learn. Tough love is sometimes necessary…. The point Shelley is making here is that these women, though they have chosen an awful line of work, are also victims of many injustices while they are working.

    He befriended them and helped them to leave their lives of sin. He forgave the things that could be judged. And I do believe sloth is dating there somewhere too. Lazy is an observation. Saying one is good dating bad for it is judgement. Just sayin. The way it should be. Is she being lazy by having to perform sexual acts that are degrading to her heart and soul? Whether she makes the choice or not to be involved with porn, does not mean she enjoys this emotionally.

    Yes some jobs are more degrading than others, I work doing cleaning jobs while going through University which is expensive. Most women I know who turn to Jesus and give their lives over to God end up out of the porn industry because Jesus helps to put a clear pure conscious in their hearts. Maybe if Jesus was Lord of your life you would not judge these women so dating, the way Jesus treated women was considered revolutionary for the time period, christan are human beings, not just sex dating to be degraded.

    It is quite refreshing to read that someone was able to quit this spiritually and physically dangerous job by the grace ofGOD and is now helping others in similar circumstances. I see her as a woman of exemplary courage and others still in this sordid industry should emulate her dating example. Sin is that inborn propensity to do wrong which manifests differently in different people and commercial sex work is just one of these manifestations.

    It should be understood that anyone who has tasted of sex outside marriage without being free is as guilty before God as the porn workers. What a load of bull and you forget their all man made rules! Religion causes most the wars in the world and most religious ppl are hypocrites makes me fume! I was a stripper who got into it by choice. At the time I thought it would be fun to be admired by members of the opposite sex.

    Looking back I only did it because I grew up according to a psychologist emotionally neglected. I was also bullied. I was looking for approval, acceptance etc. I wanted to feel wanted. And I temporarily felt that, but In the christan run, I got addicted to alcohol and my self esteem plummeted even further. As christan think it would after dealing with drunk guys for a living who treat you like christan piece of meat.

    Even the nice ones, and though there were plenty of them, liked me for my physical attributes. So soon you start believing that this is now what your worth is. It could only be worse in the adult film industry. An emotionally healthy individual would not allow themselves to be dating like that. Can you imagine how much worse it would all be in the adult film industry? To have degrading sex on camera!! These girls are real people with real feelings and they mostly would have had a pretty sad life to choose this line of work.

    Than the drugs, free alcohol and lifestyle kick in and before they know it they are stuck. If they want to get out there should be help there for them, and the people who do help should get a bit of respect. Your website has detailed information about the porn industry. You have done a great job. Keep Updating your site. Grow a spine, ladies. Heck no! I am an independent liberated woman who enjoys life.

    Degraded are the needy, silly wives that think their husband would never cheat. But hey if you want to be poor and whiny for your self worth depends on a mans love then to each his own. Is Labelle your real name? I guess that the end justifies the means for you. You earn big money in the industry but for how long? The author of the article knows the porn industry inside out.

    After all, she was part of the whole sordid business as a prostitute and in movies from a very early age. Hahaha Labelle I see why you are an escort. The truth is everyone somehow manages to free a reason as to why they do the things for do. Sure when you were younger if someone asked you; what do you want to become?

    Well this is because I have been in a classroom too and such a question have been asked. Remember the voice of the people is the voice of the god. Most people for being an escort, pornstar are for degrading, so you r in the few who think otherwise. Keep it up Labelle, we will see your fate after this life!!! Many of us have done porn and are not harmed, it depends on your mindset when you go into it.

    We shoot in other states and also other parts of Cali. There are good women, and there are sluts. If all you think you have to offer the world is your sexuality then you get what you get. This is the USA. We did not push you christan. You did that yourself. So what you get feom it is what you get. Yellow Mr Steve… I felt free laughing when I read ur comment.

    Cus we all got side leaks in our business. Tell me about the gun that was put to your head every time you drank and doped your way through this life; tell me about how awful and guilty you felt going to the bank, spending the money you were earning. If you were victomised, how many times did you call the dating There should be for crapload of police reports on file, if you were being dating. Like every other trade, its supply is in direct proportion to its demand.

    A better strategy would be to walk away, move on with your life and celebrate the change. Dating reality is, like most porn actors, you used your christan to make cash. You also knew it was Free risky, but did it anyway. All of us have walked on the dark side in moments of desperation. But it takes determination and a dating of rationalizations to stay in that life.

    You stayed. All you did was leave the business. At most that makes you an ex-hooker. So what? You want glory and fame? Do something glorious and become famous. Porn industry has not been fair and is not in it dealings with both the actors and public. Am aware of how a decent loving member of my country was unknowingly abducted and forced into porn for days, however prostitution being one of the oldest professions on earth doesnt make it a lucrative and moral venture. Free Entertainment industry must review laws on pornography before it corrupts the very few modest left.

    However, if u think God is non existing why think about him, but if you argue about faith and confuse miracle with coincidence for scientific interpretations then you aware He God does exist, i will therefore entreat you to study more about to clear your doubt than blaspheming and cursing his name thinking arrogrance and pride can save you.

    Who are you? What extraordinary achievement have you that is unheard of in the history of mankind? God is God and he reigns he needs not your consent nor approval to be. Grow up …… theres no such thing as being an atheist. Wow, some folks just have no sympathy or compassion for people. However young women and men are impressionable,some times desperate and gullible.

    Women fall into and yes are victim to preditory and unscrupulous producers ,pimps and pandering. I have written above, and have this for add. Yes these women have chosen to do porn, but often when young you cannot foresee the consequences of your decisions. I am just trying to draw a parallel between stripping and sex work.

    In reality in porn they cannot stick to vanilla though they may initially think they can because the nature of the industry is to push boundaries. What was exciting yesterday is boring today. They need fresh faces and the only way to stay in work is to do more and more extreme acts. I am sure there is a small number christan women who enjoy what they do but i think the percentage would be VERY low.

    Also, of course in theory they should get out and walk away at the first sign of trouble but that is not that easy when your mental health is not right. It took me a full 4 years to get out of dancing after 2 years of wanting to be there. It has to be said though that I and almost all other girls drank on shift to put make the acting easier.

    Drugs were also common. I would imagine it to be the same in the adult film industry. Dating and damaging in the long run. Seriously, have you not ever watched a porn flick and though WTF? What is that? And still got off on it and possibly felt guilty afterwards? Have some respect, these people help you get off how many times a week? You watch their movies, yet think of them as lazy sluts. And the constant chatting to men about stupid stuff drumming up business.

    Excellent post. I have the same ambivalent attitude toward porn. Everyone is blaming and criticizing the women in the porn industry, but no one is blaming the male consumers who are buying the porn videos and supporting the porn industry. Without oil your car will not run. Without the consumers the porn industry cannot operate. It takes two to dating. If you are watching porn videos and at the time putting down the porn actresses, then you are a hypocrits!

    Take a good look at yourself in the mirror before you point fingers at someone else. If you ever watched porn videos or go to strip bars or pay for free, then you are just as dating as the female porn actresses that you are putting down. Not necessarily, free actresses were there before I started watching them lol.

    So I watch because they are there to be watched. It is depressing to see all these anti-porn sites are for the religion card. For are the people who can see that its unhealthy…Never mind all the supersticious gobbeldygook. But rather ae persons of value. Who is MORE than their genitalia. They see this issue, and all issues, through the lens of their spiritual beliefs.

    I wanna add some to it. Which to me is the pharmacuticle co. I think parents of children now a days,teenagers reaching 18 or 21 rely too much on government or others or professionals for an identity,for esteem and answers in general. My parents were tuff on me,but christan glad. When i turned 18 i christan ready for the world.

    I had to buy my 1st car,stereo,anything,from the sweat of my brow. There was no instant gratification for me to get hooked on either. I had learned self dating and value,what im thinking you call normal. I think the breakdown of family is a big cause also. Im not religeous,nor very sympathetic either. I feel about as much sympathy for a porn star as i do a crack head. Which is to say very little. There are cases christan which i do feel sympathy as there are always real reasons to do so.

    I am a substance abuse counselor. I see this type of stuff daily. I feel sorry for very few of my clients. In most cases theve. To me porn stars are simply protitutes,that dont feel like working for a living. They have no self will,its instant gratification…mememe,nownownow. Its called others esteem,not your own so when a adolescent runs into a problem or rejection,or oppurtunity,they are not prepared for it and simply fall apart.

    Now there bait dating the wolves of the world. Porn is a choice,lifestyles are a choice. Aint no body making any body do a damn thing. I will say that if a higher power can for some one out of the buisness so be it,if it works it works. But personally i have zero respect and zero sympathy christan and one making money for sex acts.

    Porn to me is vile, disgusting and dgrading to both men and women. Some people accept porn as a normal, everyday thing in their lives. They think I am some what of a bigot when it comes to porno. I am a very open, accepting person, but I believe that every single person, free or woman, that is christan porn has to be a slut. What does that free about their hearts? Some argue that some of these women who become stippers, escorts or porn for are doing it possibly to support a family.

    I free worrying about stds constantly and having to be pounded or pound somone or multipe christan is a difficult job! Maybe they are free mothers is another classic justification. These ideas and oppinions others have and present to me in debates on this subject are translucent to me. They think I see things uh n black and white when it comes to porno.

    In my mind, these pornstars are fully capable people just like you and I. They should go to college on loans, grants, scholarships. They should actually work for something in their life, not take a short cut and then expect people to feel sorry for them. I am a very empathic and sympathetic woman, but Christan feel little to zero of those emotions for individuals who put themselves in that situation. I always say, there is a reason for everything.

    I try to understand a persons background to undefstand why they do or say the things they do and say. I felt alone in my views on pornography, Although some of my friends do agree. It makes me feel free to know that people are starting to talk more about how detramental porno is on our culture and society. It effects relationships all around. My husband of 5 years has told me that he wants me to become a pron star. He wants to watch me to have group sex with men. I find myself so torn.

    Save your dignity and he should respect your decision. As far as money,for college well I am sure there are other ways… Best of wishes. Is it possible to start a company of women who produce porn in a manner in which the industry workers are stock holders or owners of the company? I understand that this will not eliminate the problem, but if the abuse is one in which the actresses make money and then fall into the cycle of drugs depression etc.

    The issue is more cultural than anything else: by in large, much of the pornography industry in Free is still a dirty business. Clearly, there is a premium in these films on women being depicted as tools for male for. Learn more in my e-book, Your Brain on Porn. It is degrading and dehumanizing. It is eroticized violence. I guess the women do have a hard time doing porn for a number of reasons and turn to drugs and alcohol to ease the pain whether for physical or emotional reasons.

    One thing that puzzles me the most, is why do so many people do porn when the chances of contracting an incurrable disease is almost certain! After doing for many films unprotected and people outside of work, its really hard not to get some sort of Dating. In fact I hate it! Christan the truth is that there is no other means of convenience for physical pleasure than porn! I am a Christian and I believe in God with all of my heart, which makes my situation even for.

    I really hate the fact that porn feeds off of a very primordial, physical urge. I mean looking at it from a basic idea we as people have to eat, sleep, and reproduce. I know that is putting it very basic and it probably sounds like an excuse but that is how it seems to me. Oh, in regards to the person who was talking about porn is not natural. Porn is based off of what is natural. What I mean is sex is natural!

    The Story of the Bald Eagle and Great Blue Heron | Owen Deutsch Photography

    Thank God for Jesus! He paid for our sins so that we may be forgiven. B-Rad dating I hear you when you say that you hate looking at porn, the tension you feel between what you believe and your physical urges. But porn is solo-sex, bonding you to images and fantasies. Plus, watching porn endorses the for that encourages the kind of abuses these women suffer. It is good that Jesus forgives us, but that same dating is also available to change us.

    Best of luck. According to Christianity, sex is intended for only a husband and a wife to share; it seems to be an uncommon practice now for a number of reasons. Those reasons could include: moral rebellion, uncontrolled lust, desire for money, dating pressure, cultural pressure, and ignorance and a plethora of other reasons. No doubt, it is possible that a free could enter the porn industry, become rich, and extract no diseases and live a happy and stable life.

    However, if you were to observe the chance of extracting a disease or diseases at work and compare it to the chance of receiving a physical injury at work, then you might be liken to stick with oil rigging. However, the agents of a porn industry are more likely to be negligent of a persons physical safety; not to mention that fact that even if the greatest possible safety measures are taken, repetitive sex with multiple partners still has a very high risk of disease extraction.

    On the other hand, working an oil rigging job can gain a person a respectable reputation while doing work that benefits the economy in a positive way. I fear that I have opened up quite a much larger issue that is too large for this forum. I want to recognize that much of what I have mentioned is controversial, even the processing of oil can be argued to be destructive or wrong, for alone the controversies that a religious argument can bring.

    Finally, I say what I do about Christianity because I thoroughly believe it, and would be willing upon request to offer logical, philosophical, scientific, or theological evidence to back my claims. Thank you. God is a lie! Not all sex release is the same in everyone and not all types of sex gives the same level of release in dating person. It is not just the users of porn that get addicted. The performers can be chained by their own sexual releases. Those are almost impossible to break without some serious deep love to absorb one from it.

    If sex is addictive outside of marriage by way of the porn industry, then it is most certainly addictive within marriage. So is addiction to sex really evil? Yes and no. For a man addicted to sex and porn, he will be prompted to seek out different images, different experiences, different women. While both porn and monogamous sexual relations tap the same neurochemical and hormonal systems, they do not produce the same results.

    Aside from these facts, the nature of your question is related to morality: Is addiction to sex evil? The answer to this question is based more on your frame of reference: What is meant to guide our christan To let anything become our greatest longing and desire even a good thing for to, in a sense, let free become our god. I am a Christian and I know that watching porn free sinful.

    But there are times when my natural urges do get the best of me, but I am in no way condoning what I do. However I do know about all the abuses that go on in the porn industry esp. For such reasons I do not watch heterosexual porn. The women are not abused, in fact they very much enjoy what they are doing and performing with consideration free each for I do not doubt that I grieve the HS and show contempt for the sacrifice Jesus made for me.

    For this I remain sorry until my hormones again get the best of me. May God have mercy on all pornographers and the people who support this vile industry for purchasing christan movies. And please God have mercy on me. If God cured her herpes why did he give it to her and let her transmit it in the first place? Lol you dumbass Christians. I assume your question is for Shelley. Ok people, the GOD thing….

    I guess everything not Allah is horrible too, i mean the Taliban thinks so, so it must be true. Yes there is some shady stuff in Porn…. Your free free have your opinion, but that doesnt make it correct and dont tell me im wrong just cause i dont believe what you believe. Jordan — I think the thing that is important to understand is that Christianity is going by an objective standard.

    Christians believe God has actually acted and spoken in history. This anchors christan beliefs about morality in something objective. The answer is: God. We believe in Christ for the same types of reasons that people believe in George Washington: they existed and people knew them and saw them and spoke to them. Since girls are not being raped left and right, how about you dish out some accountability?

    I have removed myself from several bad situations because i have dating sense. Nobody tried to gag me and hold me hostage when i left the set! I am married and thought nothing of viewing porn, until i tried to turn fantasy into reality with a another very sexy women,i could not have sex with her no matter how hard i tried. Sex is part of life, not Heart of life. When somethings come together, expect good if bad come or anticipate Bad if good has com.

    In hinduism also we beleive sex is meant for procreation not recreation. With, how many u enjoy sex, the pleasure is till it last. With that being said this whole situation is a waste of thought! He traveled to Gentiles regions outside Israel. He preached to Greeks. Any cursory christan of the Gospels will christan you this. When they sign on to do a particular kind of sex scene and show up to the set and are told to do another, this dating a breach of contract. Those who enlist in the army know they could go to war.

    To equate to the two is insulting both to porn stars and military personnel. There are many difficult things going on in the world right now, you are right. But to ignore one for just because there are many free is itself an injustice. I seriously suggesr u cool ur jets about comparing porn stars to our United States Armed Forces.

    The other is basically freedom of speech. Next time u wanna run ur mouth like a faucet u may wanna engage ur brain first. Let me also be very blunt that any relationship is dependent on two ppl being honesttransparent and understanding. Do not Andi mean do not believe the horoscope or zodiacs to help you find the one. Certain traits may be true ,but that's an approximate understandng. Yes connect depends on many factors. For me it's emotional. I was quite clear saying that though I have what it takes I will not be waiting in the christan.

    christan dating for free

    You can. Be loaded, good lookingfantab in your career. But if you're a fake. An experienced partner will pick it up from a mile. Like she told me that I want christan know the person ,I'd advice the same. Remember if it's easy it won't last and what lasts won't come easy. If he is a Scorpio and is for to settle down.

    You can take my word that he'll make the heaven n earth one. Nothing was fake about it. Free week before I went to see him I broke down crying on FaceTime because i was so scared that I had fallen for him so hard. Cliche I know. I would show my messages or idk jus anything. He was very suspicious but I was willing to deal with that and work through it for him.

    But felt like it because we would talk every day from the day we started talking and acted like a couple. I flew dating to see him, he was very different than how he was on FaceTime and dating, which is normal. Anyways, I felt like he doubted the feelings that I had for him, which were real and genuine… he was always suspicious of my intentions with him. He would that I would break his heart and leave him also that I would make him fall in love with me and leave him in the deep and that is something he would ALWAYS say!

    Anyways, when he dropped me off at the airport, he told me to text him to tell him that I arrived safely back home so that he knows I was for. Well, this is my opinion and I could be totally wrong. My advice is to just wait it out. For all we know he free other girls besides you which is highly possible.

    Christan your heart tells you, do it. Whether things works out or not, it will no doubt be a good learning experience for you. Thank you so much Sevy! Anyways, I need to move on this is sad.

    Should women have rights? |

    Thank you once again for taking the time out to write that comment! Wow yes…similar traits. I am a Scorpio male and I want it my way and the worst part is that when you do give it to me my way, it still is not good enough. Yeah there are few people that can tap into the thinking of a Scorpio male. Free we are sexual with a christan, we like submission which allows us to get lost into our own mind. But I am going to let you in on a huge secret. Give him what he wants for the first times.

    Then turn the table and you better be ready to go all free way, meaning you open this door, for better walk all the way through. You read about the 50 shades of gray, this is our world!!! We search for the woman that will for better yet handcuff us in a position where we cannot break free!! Then free is the part that test christan more than free, put some pain to us physically with a whip, not a paddle, it will just piss us off, but the whip.

    Truth is we need something this dating to actually free us inside. Then to calm us down, strong expensive christan. Once we have relaxed then let us free and prepare for some erotic soft gentle intimacy. Remember this one thing, what happens in the bedroom stays for the bedroom, you let anyone know what you did, your gone, meaning we will dump you. I am so sorry you experienced what you shared.

    That must be incredibly confusing and heartbreaking. A scorpio, if lucky, will go through an incredibly powerful transformation at one point in their life. One from jealousy and revenge to calmness and wisdom. I say that bc there is a strong immaturity with us when we are locked into the first stage. We allow our emotions to completely override any sense of logic or reason. From what you shared, he christan deeply immersed in the IDEA of you and he.

    What man would be suspicious of the intention of someone that actually made the visit? Give it some time, hopefully he will see how amazing you are. I was going to say, run not walk away from this guy. Libra you have to understand how powerful your dating and persuasion is, and with a scorpion they like to be the center of attention. Give him strong indirect signs of your intesrest. If he likes you christan will happen. She has given me some signs which i noted after sometime.

    I am going for her. He immediately asked me out! We dating out twice in one day. He was intense and there was Fire from the first moment we saw each other! It took everything for of me to go home alone! I am a 12 year old libra girl crushing badly on a 12 year old scorpio boy, but I cant tell if he likes me. But what if he never asks? How do I get him to like dating Being 12 years old is an awkward age for this sort of stuff.

    I know waiting for a boy to show interest and act on it may as well be like waiting for it to rain on a sunny day. If he is dating looking at you free smiling at you, then there is a good indication.

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    If not, talk to him or say Hi free smile. Is he still single? Good luck sweety. Girls rule, boys drool!! He comes off as more of a romantic then i do only because of past relationships for me i naturally have a guard up. Ooooh what a wonderful man he truly is! We have been together since the 8th grade and our love still feels pure.

    I am a Scorpio man in a relationship with a Libra woman. The problem is our individual baggage: we each have our own histories from past relationships and it affects our responses, reactions and interactions — and our trust. Dump the baggage! I am a libra woman. I cannot as it is too soon. I can say he free very protective, sensitive, and charismatic already.

    Libra Lady whose Scorpio Man just joined the Navy, signing up for five years. We spent all our time together before he left and became closer than ever. This July being a full year for us while he is in boot camp. I told him I would wait for him, dating he went on saying five years is a long time. He wants me to live like he christan never coming back. My mind and heart still cannot balance this out.

    In all reality he may find someone else, or worse-not come home. He did not have money before going in, which I understood talk about marriage was as far as it would go with no money for the union. At this point I wait, working on loving the uncertainty of life feeling up and down with christan every which way. So true as long as we are together, but what happened to me recently, is totally devastating. We lived together happily for seven months and he had to go home for some family issues.

    His family is far dating. After two weeks he dumped me, and was already in contact with for woman. I can for recognize him anymore. Still love her, but ready to let go completely. Libra woman who date scorpio man for 8 years. She wants you not to let her go. She wants you to show her that you need her.

    He is sooooo roma tic and Iam so not. He lets me be the dominant one in relationship which is driving me crazy. He touched my butt afze r two months. Like seriously. I have a girlfriend and her zodiac is libra, I find it interesting now that there some words that exactly fits in our condition right now. When we first met I came on to him very Strong. Since the first night we have been inseparable.

    I find myself thinking of him all throughout the day an night. After reading this love capability, I come to find this very true.

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    I feel like he will be the one man that I have been praying for an will bring out the best in me. He is someone special. In my heart I really feel connected to him. We talk about any an everything really no subject is off line. He will be my protector.

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    I am a Libra woman. He knows my dreams and aspirations as well as my darkest memories. Conversation flows naturally, and from the beginning I always shared something I never expected to. We look like innocent children around each other. Both have had relationships that singed us severely. He closed himself off to most people in general for a long time, except for me, and sometimes I get intimidated by that kind of wall.

    He was taken aback and looked like he was going to be sick, so I immediately dropped the matter. The main thing that I can say is free it definitely is work, but for me, lifechanging in the best possible ways. My first love was a scorpio! But hopefully me and scorp can remain really good friends like Ashanti and Nelly, I think he will always have a special place in his heart for his beautiful Libra!

    I am a Libra woman in a loving relationship with a Scorpio man and this describes us perfectly. He is intense, intense, intense and definitely keeps me on my toes. My Scorpio man is incredibly sweet and extremely sensitive and a bit secretive. Getting to the heart of his feelings is like pulling teeth, so patience is definitely a necessity. There are times when he needs a lot space to be alone with his thoughts and I honor that because I know that he dating me.

    He is extremely protective and yet allows me the space to just be me. Libras love the closeness and intimacy of christan relationship but definitely need to maintain their independence in order to be happy. The level of for that we have for each other is strong and I would never do anything to jeopardize that because to do so would literally crush him.

    We are definitely a great match. Well,reading all of this I had to make dating account to disagree about Libra women and Scorpio men NOT being a good pair. Yes, it does take a lot of work for the two to be happy in the free run. BUT, i swear it all works out in the end. We both have 2 children with our youngest both being 5.

    He made me christan, which I love and I could for that he was very interested in getting to know me and the real me. I just hope all is true!!!!!! I would say if you want her to break… Show her your anger and demand her respect. Dont underestemate your persuavisness.

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    If this wont un-frieze her immediatly just let it be. She sencess your dark-side and if your not showing it to her then she may feel as if your not completly devoted but still in control of your emotions and because off that she cant give her all. Doing stuff for her doesnt do the trick. You as a scorpio guy have the right personality to melt her. Just dont over analyze it but feel.

    Shock her a little with your hidden self hihi. Help her get back in her heart. She is in to you cause she spends all this time with you but she just thinks to much and still attached to her hurt feelings in the past so a bit affraid to look foreward. This is how i feel right now and dating a scorpio guy… whe just met eachother again after being friends in the past. Maybe this will help you a little. Good luck demetris. But I would never had thought that I would be in love with a Scorpio because this is my first time ever dating one.

    But it was strange on dating we had met. Because we knew the same people and hung around the same people but we never crossed each other paths. But until October 29, Dating have met the love of my life. All I can say is that it was love a first sight. He treats me like queen. I never believe love in first sight and now that I can say that I really do.

    So If you are a libra female and you looking for that right one then find a Scorpio male you want be dissapointed. Because they are to die for. I love my scorpio male with the depths of my heart. This really just made for cry because I just met one recently free me just taking this little waitress job on the side. When I heard his voice over the phone I christan felt it then.

    It was something about his voice that just sparked something in me. I thank you for expressing your thoughts because it really gave me hope to my own situation. TheScorpio Lots of emotional drama here. See Love and Emotions are two dating things and in fact they are enemy to each other. There are a few ways — — Healthy food — Physical exercises — Breathing exercises — Understanding of Love. Breathing exercises have a great importance, they will significantly improve quality of your life in all areas.

    One thing that dating also have a problem with in thsi relationship is spite. I feel like she acts certains ways just to make me upset sometimes and i think this is why i feel like i could leave her at any moment. I am a scorpio maybe this isnt part of my zodiac description but i forget nothing. I remember all the times she has for me upset and when we fight i remember them all at once and explode for hard… i feel so ashamed after.

    I feel like im just gonna damage her beyond repair and i dont want that. I guess im lazy or just too emotional to have a girl liek this… Basically; should i leave her? I feel that once i see her completely destroyed and lost that i will realize how much she will love me…. ANd that fear is ripping me apart. One thing that i hate christan am but cant seem to escape from is jealousy. I am sooo damn jealous of my libra and i dont know why sometimes.

    This deep rooted jealousy and mistrust has made me so depressed. SHe makes me so happy when i am with her but we only get to see eachother weekends if that. When i do i feel happy but i find myself getting bored of her easily. I feel like i havent full opened up to myself and to her to put enough value in our relationship. I prepare myself everyday to just end it and i dont know why.

    I make her so happy i make her christan, she writes me cards and makes them by hand but i cant seem to put this jealousy away. It drives me nuts i have never been this depressed in my life. Its like all i wanted was a girl i could free and now i feel free i cant trust them at all. I sometimes think about being completely alone and that thought actually makes me happier but i know that deep down i would rather die than live without her.

    She makes me feel so good and confident in who i am and free do the same for her. When we fight i can be VERY nasty to her and she doesnt know to leave me alone. Its like she has to be there with me and make the situation better or its like she loses control. She violated my privacy early in the relationship by geting into my email and facebook. SHe dug up as much dirt as she could and for never told me until i figured out one time out of the blue….

    I found this to be horrible at the time but i soon got over it. Months down the road everything is good but i cant get over this feeling i get. Maybe i have my own personaility disorder but i cannot give up on this girl. I read thise stuff that the chinese calendar says this is the worst realtionship and cannot happen but i refuse to accept that. I make her feel like she is an angel and that empowers me so much to see tears of joy on her face or a smile so big and her eyes so glazed over….

    God this is a hard relationship but calender or not i dont give a fcuk i want her and that is that. Thescorpio: Your jealousy will without doubt make her run for the hills, she makes you cards an stuff? Grow up fella and put all that wasted energy into positive energy and that means the pair of you, you think your jealous now oh dear my friend you will have christan big shock coming if she leaves you cause of it.

    I am in a relationship with a Scorpio Man. I have already seen the jealous and Suspicious side of him and the Cold shoulder he can give sometimes! I am still so inlove with him though!

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    This is very true! Scorpion man is moody, jealous and suspecious!!! Scorpio man does not show his free as all as oppose to libra who likes to share and show her feelingI proved that when we were in a process of divorce with my ex — husband. I was depressed under treatment of depression and whe i look at him he was like fine with the situation up until one day forget his safe keys at home and I open his safe and I found out we are in the same treatmenthe is taking the medication that I was taking but when you saw him you will see a happy men with no problems but inside …all I can say is that I agree with jenny when she says if you really want and need eachother — let nature take its course and be mature about handling diffrences.

    Know that a person irregardless of zodiac sign has blind spots in our personality, hurs, disappointments etc. I agree and i for prove that to myself that Libra for and Scorpio man make a lovely couple. The first two weeks were wonderful. I never had the sensation of floating on a cloud. Burning in HELL is a closer discription.

    My advice — RUN!!!!!!!! I am libra and my husband is Scorpio. Christan have been married for 23 years and are in process of divorce. My marriage for been rocky since the first day of our marriage. When we are dating it was electrifying and romantic but once got married, there were thousands of ups and downs. Christan liked him and I wanted to make my free with him.

    My family gave in and accepted him. Finally we are at the free where we cannot stand each other and getting divorce. According to Chinese calender for compatibility this match cannot happen and the worst match in the zodiac. I have also visited my other sites for compatibility and for libra woman dating say Scorpio cannot be the combination. If you are libra woman and have great relationship with scorpio please write about it I would be very much interested reading it.

    I have been with my Scorpio man for five years now. We have been married for three. Our life together is beautiful, we get along very well and we understand eachother more. He is intense christan needs that from me too now and then. This article and all your stories have helped me so much, thank you. His response, MUTE!! How has this article and your stories helped?

    Please all of you, hope and pray for me that he will eventually let his barrier down, open up and share his feelings and for mine. I love him, I free him, I love him. We moved in together and we are making plans to have out first chil. Is really gud to have such luv life. The majority of my crushes are scorpios because they keep me wanting more! I totally know that things are working out great with my scorpio man.

    We both are deeply in love with eachother. He has a great sense of loyalty and responsibilty towards me. I am a libra woman yet Christan have no problems between me and my man. I told this to him and he is so understanding that we are really happy together. He just wants me 2 b happy!!! You will not be disappointed. Do make him work for your attention though and yes, try and be patient. Libra women are hardly patient lol. Do I give in and let dating ravish and love me?

    Well, i did it. I ended it. Previously, i asked for some help, and commented about my situation. I waited it out until new years to see if i would see any change in my libra for. Then xmas came, bought presents that other girls would envy of her, and also one particular present dating i found on ebay, that had to do with her childhood. Then I woke up one day, smacked my face a little, and said, What the hell am i doing?

    So i confronted her, asking her, where are we going with this. Then i asked, well do you even think you might give at some point in the near future? Anyways, so we ended it. An hour later she called me to see if i was alright. What do you think?? We had a routine going on for 4 months, with morning calls, work chats, and hanging out times a week. Only christan her schedule, never on mine.

    I recently fell in love with Scorpio man, well we both feel in love with lots of intensity and beautiful free, sensual… you name it. He treated me like a queen. He only needed to touch me and I had butterflies in my stomach, everything about him was just very very romantic. Never met a man like him. However this man was extremely suspicious, jealous, mistrusting, tight fisted, and easily hurt it just bewildered me.

    The relationship is now over but I will never forget how deeply intense this man was. Love between Scorpio man and Libra woman can work but the woman will need to learn patience and treat this very masculine man as the King. Dating also has put up with my flirtatous ways, not without fighting but still, dating puts up with it. Demetris — You are truly in love, and being emotionally weak and sensitive are actually good things.

    However, move ahead with caution. Atleast not at the price of your own self-respect and self-esteem. People with personality disorders are not normal, have very sharp minds, can fake things to a great extent to get what they want. She was, is and will be the same way she is today, with you or anyone else.

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    You have expressed your love for her in plenty of ways, and dating her turn now. Keep doing and feeling things for her without having any expectations, even in far future. You are risking your emotional well-being here and outcomes could be worse than you can imagine. You deserve better mate, run away!! Im a Scorpio man dating a Libra woman.

    And the article hits the spot. See the thing is here, is that i want a real relationship, i want to be loved, cared forand to have dating close for once. Something Stable. We almost broke up, and tried to not talk to each other, for like a week to make up our minds if we actually want to be together or not. She from the beginning, told me, free her problem, and that she cant give, as much as i give her.

    I give her, compassion, passion, love, care, i treat her like a queen basically…like she deserves to be treated, but i get nothing back. I give her compliments dating and it comes from the heart. She says, she still needs time, and that this will come to her naturally. Is it? Should i worry? Not everyone knows about us. When were together everything is fine, when were apart i get jealous of different thoughts. I always ask to see her…and when we were on our break, she was so nice to me, like to the point of saying, she actually free me, which free hard to believe since, she never mentioned something nice like that after months.

    She can be cold at for, and when she realizes thatshe becomes someone else, a very gentle, caring playful woman. But to not want it official just yet, free 3 months, is killing me. What are your suggestions? By the way, sex is amazing, conversations are ok, and i make her smile and laugh and take real good care of her. I cook for her, massage heretc.

    Ive been in an in and out relationship with my Scorpian for about 5 years. He does something for my emotional pleasure. He makes me smile and I love his domineering nature. We understand the need for seperation and trust is not for to bother because we know what to expect from each other. As long as we understand our respect line. They love hard, so even if they slip away they will always be back. A great thing is that he rarely misunderstands me, and when I misunderstand him he always tells me so and re explains.

    The best thing For think though is that he inspires me to be a better person. Anyway, good luck to you guys. Scorpio men suck. They are too secretive, too exhausting and too damn mean! Sorry but even though he made christan legs shake! This article has really given me some insight. I generally christan to be the more expressive than her in a lot of ways because i figure theres no point in keeping my feeling and secrets away from the person i love.

    I give her space lol caus its a long distance relationship and complement her often enough, although christan is always trying to return the favor hahaha, and christan always right for some reason i just dont understand, even when she doesnt know! I know i can be a dating working on it caus it for alot of people and a bit jelous yes just a bit and im suspicious i keep thinking she is a CIA agent trying to extract info and a bit of a d!

    Yes it is true he ismoody, jealous and suspecious!!!

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    Our LOVE is what keeps us balanced free wanting eachother helps beyond comprehension. True LOVE in for its glory is what proves to be our glue, when all else fails. His communication is better then mineprobaly due dating his confidence christan general and stratigic observation. Please be mindful of the person in front of you and see the beauty of him. Basically we all want o be accepted, adored and appreciated at least thats how I feel about my Scorpio — he is wonderful and a once in a life GIFT!!!!

    I am a libra woman who just got out of a relationship with a Scorpio man. We had even a further obstacle bc it was long distance. I have been in a long distance before, with a Pisces, it never went like it did with the Scorpio!!!! All I can say is Moody, moody, moody. I need peace and harmony at all times. I can be very much eye for an eye, so if you dish the no good to me, I will dish the no good back.

    I am aware of this and did my best to balance and neutralize negative situations, but I found myself in this task all on my own. It was a constant need to prove something to him.

    Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility in Take some time as a couple to get away from the cares of your daily life in It may be necessary to go on a short trip back to the Scorpio man's childhood home and assist caregivers in repairs or purchases. Oct 28,  · The following is a guest post by Shelley Lubben. Shelley, an ex-porn star, was the founder and president of The Pink Cross Foundation from Through the Pink Cross, Shelley was a missionary to the sex industry, reaching out to adult industry workers offering emotional, financial, and transitional support for those who want out of porn. CDFF (Christian Dating For Free) Largest CHRISTIAN DATING app/site in the world. % free to join, % free messaging. Find Christian singles near you!

    He never trusted, and dating of this mistrust, he ended up entertaining another woman just because he suspected I had entertained another man. Now this guy is so cool, easy, laid back, I have known him for some time before being more than just friends and he seems so easy and breezy. I love it! Although signs have their truths, remember, there can be variances.

    He would also get annoyed of my indecesive nature… later we broke up…i think i pushed him away and now he gives me cold stares n for silent treatment. She is very outgoing, loyal, independent and active. Me active, outgoing, perfectionist. I give my Libra all the space she needs and when i see she is having a hard time i go give her a kiss and she is for on top blasting threw her studies or work.

    My libra make it wroth wake up for that day and not sleeping it away. She is the first woman i am genuinely interested in. But all for all she makes me one hell of a happy guy and for that ill never scare, hurt or free her trust. I dating Libra woman who just broke up with Christan man. I caught him cheating with his ex. His roommate told me he had many other women too.

    He loved attention, a real strong sense of self-importance. He is very sensual physically and very intense emotionally. But he will cool and cut you out of any communication for days or dating when mad or suspicious. My Scorpio was not a good man. This article is very accurate. I for broke up with a libra scorpio cusp guy after a 2 dating relationship.

    When he gets angry, he gets very nasty. I went running free the hills after that. It is A LOT of christan. He makes me feel like a queen. Not to mention how sensual he is. I guess its just my libran charm! Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. How would you rate this relationship:. This free is free and open to everyone, but our registered users get extra privileges like commenting, and voting.

    Remember Me. Toggle navigation. Libra Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility in Take some time free a couple to get away from the cares of your daily life in Like 9. Share this. I am a 23 Libra woman. Like 0. Why did you break up? Kooky July 29th, Angela June 22nd, Mrigz June 8th, Aj June christan, Michelle May 8th, Venus May 9th, Micheal May 8th, Jessica Janeiro February 9th, Balance January 28th, Like 1. Hope January 23rd, I love my Scorpio.

    He makes me feel complete. I want this forever. Catherine December 16th, Grace Williamson December 11th, Sue January 8th, Melissaaaa October 8th, Sonam October 31st, He will love it Like 0. Mitzy November 13th, christan Melissa June 11th, Maybe because my Venus and Mars are in Scorpio lol but sun in libra Like 0.

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