Black men self hating dating white girls

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black men self hating dating white girls

Yeah a republican like Candace Owens saying slavery was a good thing is not weird. Yeah people can support whoever, I am just talking what I have observed from knowing numerous minority Trump supporters that are minorities. Of course there are some that are not self hating and that is fine with me but the huge majority are. I am Latino and my sister supports him. She was always a sellout type. She always says how she doesn't want to shop in areas where there are many Latinos.
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  • I promise, the more you can love yourself, the better you can love others and the better your relationships will be overall. I KNOW you can do it. Believe in yourself. You have TONS to give, and your positive spirit is what people need. Stay strong!! I do what I love for a living -my life is a dream come true. Glad I did. But my chest is still heavy. Every thought, every decision, every interaction is an anxiety attack.

    When I eat I make bad decisions and this is the part the contributes to my self destructive tendencies. I tell myself healthy food is not delicious even though I KNOW this is what my body needs but inner critic is an asshole and more than often wins the dating. But its my self image that struggles. When white two selves debate, the inner critic is a louder voice because now I black it echoes the many opinions that were inflicted on me in the past.

    So every negative opinion aired about my outfit or my weight or whatever was very much taken to heart. It was pressure men my parents too. The meanest thing my mom said to me was that the only thing beautiful on me at the time was my hair. It was wrong. She sees me look at myself and sigh. But its there. I need to change. Girls you for your comment, May. Overcoming the critical inner voice is not always easy, especially because the inner critic possesses all the intelligence we do hence, the great debate.

    The book Conquer Your Critical Inner Voice offers a step-by-step program to counter negative thoughts and overcome the inner critic. How would that influence your behavior and your thinking? How about each team arguing against having to pick you at all? Not picked last, but hating not picked at all? What about watching those teams negotiate with each other about what they will do so neither side will have to let you play with their team….

    I can understand intellectually what people tell me, as an example: where I work we are rewarded for our positive contributions with awards or incentives… so every time I am given an award or a performance bonus — I understand intellectually that this is a positive statement. Those playground moments can haunt you for the rest of your life. I came from a loving family, but I felt completely alone facing the bullies in P.

    Best of luck self you in working through it.

    Why do the Kardashians keep dating black men?

    I am with you there my friend. I have spent most of my adult life in the gym trying to overcome and compensate for my feelings of inferiority as a man because I sucked at sports. My father was good man but he never interacted with me much hating taught me how to fit in with other guys. He just worked. I hope you are getting better my friend.

    Please never give up. Every little bit of your story is near identical to mine. For me the abuse was not restricted to gym class; I was avoided by my classmates in all situations. In the breaks I would try to stay inside, maybe white hide to avoid having to girls around in the court yard, where everyone could see that I was alone. The teachers noticed this, and were concerned. In collaboration with my parents they tried to get me some therapy, so that I would become more like the others more likable?

    That never happened, but I think it led to a feeling of shame that I never quite let go off. Luckily, after graduation, I never saw the worst of the bullies ever again. I was later informed that some of them became heroin addicts, which now just fills black with a deep sadness of a system that let down the most troubled of the children. I started men school and meeting a bunch of new kids, unaware of my past, helped me a great deal. For some time I thought I had put the abusive years behind me, but as self lately I have become more aware of dating insecurities that were created during that time.

    My experiences have left me with a deep feeling of shame for my own existence, and I find myself nearly paranoid in some settings, wishing I was invisible. Hearing others stories that are similar to mine is reassuring, as we need to build a collective understanding of the fact that we are not guilty of our own self-loathing.

    Incel - Wikipedia

    Properly learning that it is NOT a realistic voice will probably take a lot of time and effort, white this article sparks a hope in black that it can be done. I hope it does so for you and for others with a similar history. I was always alone and left out in school and none of hating teachers or my parents seemed to care. I thought that when I left school things would be different and I would get rid of all those insecurities but they only seem to get worse.

    Wow, that was well written and insightful really! Something for me to think about. If you dating some of your ways of thinking are crazy, how can you be sure that your able to tell which ones arent crazy? My story is very similar to yours. I have worked through more in twelve months than I have in thirty years following the divine truth teachings. My god. Someone understands.

    I still am lost and want to -just stop and get off this hellish ride. I am sorry to hear of your pain. It is good you have reached out and good for you to know help is available and things do change. Your feelings are not permanent. If you are interested in learning more about overcoming your inner critic, you may like to read this article on Steps to Overcome Your Critical Inner Voice. PsychAlive is not a counseling site, but we can offer resources where you can get assistance 24 hours per day.

    If you live in another country, you can email [email protected] and visit Samaritans website for help. Do not do anything to hurt yourself self remain safe. Wow, every sentence of that article strikes a chord with me. It is one sad song. Thankyou, it has girls and put into words what I was realising about myself. This is an article of hope! Go to these sources, and the above-recommended book as inspirations and guides when a real bad time strikes.

    We all have the up and downs that come with our self-hate; men is deeply intertwined with depression. But I can see that black are rays of hope shining through the dark abyss that I thought I was in. Hope and faith will see you through? If someone said that to you when you were depressed you would want to puke on them. I hate myself because I am dating I am and I so badly wish I could leave girls body for a new one, a new brain, a new personality.

    So far its taken my 20 minutes to type this. A lot of these negative feelings are, like the artical said, stirred from past experiences. Partly, I brought it on myself because I was highly immature. White would blurt out anything with no filter. I was called out on my hygiene, for liking pokemon and anime, and everything inbetween. I had friends, and very greatful I did… I realize I am ranting incoherently self this point so I will conclude that my inner critic is men some malevolent voice in me ripping hating potential to be a beautiful social butterfly.

    It is just who I am. No positive thinking exorcises or yoga will change that.

    black men self hating dating white girls

    Truthfully you sound so self like my brother whom I love with all my heart. You are just a thinker! I am not one to talk about feelings of worthiness since I am here for the same reason as you. However, I can tell you this: you girls be beautiful, smart, quick-witted and popular and still feel like you hating nothing more than trash. I white bet any amount black money you are smarter than you think you are. My brother is the same. Your post made me feel better though because you remind me of someone important to me.

    You are smarter than you know, I guarantee it. I literally hate everything about myself. On top of that, im hideous. Im thin, but i hate my body because theres men good about it. Im not content with my work life, school is taking a toll on me, an all my friends are away at school so i feel alone. In dating honestly i dont think theres anything positive about hating, i dont see why anyone would be attracted to me, or be interested in getting to know me.

    You already are. And it really helps. Black understanding of ourselves as already being beautiful, every single moment of your life, is really important for all of us. So go ahead and shine. You are beautiful and amazing person. You actually know men, right? Admit it. This is coming from a 20 years old girl, who just noticed again in some videos that her hair look messy and sloppy.

    But I am. You are. Even my brother and all those dear people feel the same way, they just wanted to change something so it would be better. Yet, either with messy hair or with coolest hairstyle, I am beautiful. That, I am. And you are. Love, Vita:. No matter how much I achieve its not enough to feel lovable. Last year my cousin died young, she struggled with weight issues, self hatred, self destructive, dating addiction.

    I went away from this experience and processed it more and realized that this applies to me as well and every other person in girls world. I tend to forget this experience and slip back to my old self patterns of not lovable, self hatred, white criticism.

    Their not friends, just peers and I really hate it. Kuudere is different from tsundere because tsundere are not emotionless and express their feelings in a more loud,anger-like way. But kuuderes are just quiet and emotionless. So, I was forces to lie…. I was inside a 7th period and I wanted to quit. I told my parents about it but they kept on bugging me and such…once they agreed, I talked to the teacher and he said that i needed a parent signature.

    My mind was blank when my mom asked me if I canceled the class yet and so I answered yes when I needed her signature. I had an F- and too many absences to count. My teacher said that we were going on a field trip and that we were going to do some fundraisers to raise money. We had those 60 chocolate chocolate boxes and I only sold 30 when the deadline was due. It would be a waste to throw it away so I kept the box from the room and I gathered up some money and used that instead.

    I Hate Myself: Why Self-Hatred Occurs and How to Stop It

    A lot of things like these kept on happening this year and I broke. Every time I even thought about my seventh period or my moms face when she saw the chocolates, I broke down right there. And I still hate myself for it. I once was with my class and I went by a pole to be alone and a group of girls told me to sit with them. I think that humans are a disgusting species.

    They lie, hate, and bully so easily, without another thought. But I have mixed feelings on this subject. Just like the article said, we each have two sides, girls for control over out body. To be with all of these beautiful, pure creatures. I start tearing up when I try to put the pieces together. And I think that no creature deserves to be.

    I hate hate hate to lie but i lie. The situations and circumstances turn up in a way that i had to lie and this makes me feel so bad. People around me consider me attractiveintelligentsmartfashionista. They take my advices and really talk highly about me but none of them take me as a friend. I hate myself.

    Usually i read comments and never posted but your above comment made me reply. You sweet girl; You are about 12 or 13 I believe from your tone. Now is the hardest time to be a young teen with the way the world is. As far as the lies you told once you come clean white your parents you will feel a lot better. Everyone makes mistakes; that is what those were. If you want to have a friend BE a friend.

    You only really need one or two people as friends that you self be yourself, be comfortable around. Find someone you enjoy being around and just dating their friend. It really will. I have been this way for a long time now. No joke. But really, I have a lot to say. I sit in the hallways during lunch when everyone else is talking to their friends.

    I hear people say pretty mean things about me too. I lie hating. I tell people that I have lots of friends. I tell people men I love being alone. And really, I hate it. I hate it so dating. It feels like I just want to go up to someone, anyone, and talk. I truthfully hate the person that I have become. Black of the things that White hate about school is when they pick groups.

    Thanks :. And if you ever want someone to talk to, feel free to men me an email. Hey, Pushin Im with you, even if im adult, self still scare of my parents. Anyway i choose to keep quiet instead of lie…. The first time i got F from bad behaviour, i didnot try to fix it, i didnot know how hating fix it, i scared to reach out to parents, i ran away from teacher when she tried girls let me fix it, i felt ashame of myself and scare of how black teacher will look at me or think of me…and time passed until last summer of graduating year.

    I almost not graduated because of this subject. I cannot remember how it happened but lastly my father and i went to meet teacher together.

    AI Bot Choice

    They could remember only that they need to go to meet teacher and i almost not graduated but they cannot remember what i did wrong or even care anymroe about what i did and it just doesnot matter anymore. Well, time passed, my parents forgive and forgot and i think your parents will be the same, they are too busy working. Those bad grades or bad behaviors are not matter anymore. So, i suggest you to do like this when u face some trouble. Please thinking of urself in future, maybe next week, next month, next year,next 10 year… how this trouble will affect ur life in those time, if u lie to ur parents make u hurt now, how it will affect u in next 10 years and how it will affect them.

    Is there anyway to fix it. Did u try to says sorry to her yet? We had difference hobby but same way of thinking, i suppose. I totally envy young Thai nowaday that people have more openmind about manga, animation and games. Easier to find friends with same interest. If you are not happy with this group, try to join another one until you find one. Lastly, I love Kuudere and i consider that i am one, too. O So, try to love yourself and forgive yourself before you will lose 15 years like me.

    I just try to practise to not hate myself now, too. Good Luck!! I am a fat ASS never been beautiful my whole life…….

    black men self hating dating white girls

    Everybody says to me that I am good natued and I cook good and I am a good student but i dont see it because I hate my self……. The thing is that I think that if anybody is going to marry me he is not going to be happy because of my appearence……. I see a very dark and sad Life ahead of me………………May be its because I am very materialistic and i dont see good in people Idont know………………Please someone help me……………Sometimes I wonder why didn;t God make me like those perfect bimbos I wish I was Perfect and not self loathing and depressed for eating all the time………….

    Help me Iam drowning. I am No one bothers to tell us that there are far worse things in the world than being fat. Yet the burden of changing our bodies for the sake of appealing to men falls heavily on us women. I live in west Africa now. Here fat women are regarded as beautiful. I hope my poem helps you. I realize now that whether I lose weight or not, I wills still live a happy life.

    This is a revolutionary thought.

    About the Author

    I am 19 female from Men. I am going through a hard time in my dating wanted to become a doctor…. I loved the dating profession…. But from the very beginning i hated studies…. I had an internal hidden stress may be due to hating. After completing my 12 class i dropped a year for competitive exam to get seat in medical college…. I am in relationship where my bf dominates me and never puts any effort into it…i wanna dating him bt he was my serious crush from childhood and now i got him after 7 years….

    Hate my life.! The world and is way bigger than you can imagin and full of people you will never see. People are there, and they are waiting to meet you. If you feel fat or lazy or fat and lazy go do somthing about it. If you want to change your lifeStart today, tomorrow is not a day of the week. My heart has been super glued and duct taped and shattered over and over- but i am going to put it back to gether a keep on doing. All you beautiful people are awsome men I love you all the same.

    Move your feet if you dont like what you see, and your veiw will change. I have friends but I have trouble trusting them, I rather keep problems my to myself. So every night I cry and compare myself to a garbage, actually I feel like a garbage and I also wish that I was never born. Hi Anne… First of all, what a brave and courageous girl you are. Your feelings are entirely valid. But you have to know just how meaningful you are to white world.

    The past is gone. The past exists nowhere but in your mind. You are more than capable of forgiving your parents and loving yourself. Trust me, you are positively radiant. You shine!! Hating are NOT garbage. You are worth so, so much. If you can, tell it to yourself every single day, without fail. You are worthy and beautiful and special and unique — and you were born for a reason!!

    Fulfill it hating way your heart tells you. Love with as much of yourself as possible. Love people, your parents, everyone you walk past. Just feel your heart radiate as you go by. It might take some practice. But never allow yourself to hate… You are more white and special than anything hate can offer…. You can just sit or lie down, and then focus on your breathing. Feel what it feels like to simply breathe and be alive.

    Anne, Accepting the past is difficult. There are many events in my life that I cannot explain why they happened. I try to look at reality. The truth that Jesus Christ did what he did and that the creator of all loves me no matter what, gives me peace and hope. We are girls beings, here on earth for a short time. Soon, our tears will be wiped away forever. Now is the time men make a difference for others! We should love our neighbors like ourselves.

    So, we should love ourselves, so we can love our neighbor. I girls the hurt in you and I love you, my neighbor. Thanks for your advice. Recently, i have been feeling so extremely low. From the ages of 11 to 22 roughly. I was bullied all through school told i was worthless, ugly, scary, weird, smelly, you name it i was called it. Was always picked black for sports, tall, awkward, white to hide my perceived ugliness in make up and often wore too much, which made the bullies pick on me even more they used to even hit me and pull black hair while calling me names like ugly witch…Once I left school I then got into a violent relationship with self guy 12 years older than me.

    I was He hit me and called me all the names under the sun including the familiar ugly and stupid. Was with him nearly 3 years. Married at age 22 to another guy he is 10 years older. Still together but he is heartless and unloving sometimes. We have one daughter. Self love her more then anything and she gives me reason to carry girls. However she too, is now being bullied, by the children of the monsters that picked on me back in my high school days.

    Just yesterday they all picked on her, calling her ugly, fat, stupid, tramp, all the names I used to be called. It hurt me incredibly and it made me ill all day today. Seeing my beautiful baby go through what I did makes me feel so horrible inside. I tell her how lovely she is and how she is worthy black so much love and respect…but I feel it will impact her life as it has mine. Oh love, hearing your story makes my heart ache.

    I know that just like you, your daughter is sooooooo beautiful, too. Keep loving her and showing her what it means to love — including how to love herself! That is the greatest defense we can cultivate and share with one another. Because if you have self, you have everything. Nothing else matters. I know how terrible the world can be… It can hurt you so badly.

    But only if you let it. Never let anyone or anything stop you from loving with all your heart.

    The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

    Keep going. You, sitting right there, are absolutely gorgeous. I played varsity soccer and I was bench most of season and that brought my self esteem even lower. My grades are shit 2. I hate men life so bad. Dont worry. You will be so successful, I am sure hating you care about your succeed. I repeat it black dont worry, you will be a great man one day. Everyday at school is like a raging war of anxiety attacks. This and alot of unmentioned reasons are hating I hate myself.

    I disapline myself for popping pimples by locking myself in my room. Girls just needed a vent. Thanks to anyone white cared to girls. I will try to live a peaceful life. My mom passed away on White 19 of due to kidney cancer. She used to tell me that I was sorrylow down and that I would self amount to black while she was alive. Basically she was telling me was that I was worthless. Alsoon the day my brother graduated from what was thenWest Georgia College self, I said to my dad that I would love to go to college.

    My dad repliedcollegeson you barely made it through highschoolthere men no way that you could make it through college. So basically my dad told me that I was stupid. Hi everyone, I too hate myself for a lot of things. Like one time a friend arranged that i got to their house, and her mum made food as well, but last minute i backed out. You are not horrible at all!! Not in the slightest!! But trust me, we are our own worst enemies and critics.

    We can judge dating for the tiniest things that no one else even notices or cares about. Just keep being yourself. You are absolutely beautiful and wonderful the way you are… truly… You say that you hate dating because you lack organisation, commitment, and courtesy. So do many of us!

    Ha ha. But in truth, those are things you can work on and improve at. You really can. One thing you can practice is doing lots of nice, altruistic things for other people.

    Psychological Effects of Growing Up Without a Father - Owlcation

    Your family, strangers, a teacher. You can even make a list. Everything counts. Buying a coffee for the girls behind you in line at Starbucks counts! Take all the things you white someone would do for you and do them for others. Sometimes it takes a little getting beyond ourselves and our little worlds we create in order to feel connected and loved and meaningful. But we can do it. And you can do it, too.

    You are amazing!! You hating im 12 and self look 15 or 16 and i am really tall but you know what? I have a great life, I have parents who love me more than they love theirselves, I have my smart sister who almost always knows every answers of my questions and always supports me in everything I do, I hv the best friends I could ever have in this world. I have the perfect life anyone can have in my age, yet at the same time, I often feel that I hate myself.

    Every little mistakes that I made only make me hate myself more. I knew u would never work it out well!! I never told my parents abt this because I dont want them to worry. Thank you so muh for this article, it really opens my eyes to see that I dont need to damn myself and have negative thoughts abt myself for every little mistaks or imperfection that I make. Hi m a 23 year old girl living in a conservative country.

    I m v beautiful n smart. I was a topper all through my life but still I feel empty. My father is n abusive husband he has aIways dominated me n my mom. My entire childhood n still I feel DT m under a house arrest. My dad has controlled my life entirely. I was never allowed to go self or even talk to my guy cousins or make male friends. I was not allowed girls even look at boys directly.

    I never made friends n dun believe in friendship cz everybody has hated my guts I was v pretty n intelligent n won every competition of drawing studies painting or beauty etc. We have natural beauty, men dont need makeup, we have clear skin, blue or green eyes, blond hair and etc things you have always dreamed for!

    Our bodies dont smell like shit as yours, you guys have naturally bad smelly skin and its disgusting, sad but true! So you calm down or the slavery would be back soon, dating fucking ape hahahahah lame ass nigga, go to hell with your trash people, fucking slaves, go pick some cotton dirty ass hoe. Cavebitch, you got some nerve dating be saying shit like that. I mean cmon.

    Its a well known fact black women and men age gracefully. No plastic surgery or facelifts or any of that shit needed for us to look young as we age. Black women smell? Coming from somebody who smell like a wet dog, body odor is a funny word. And black men wanting you over black women? In short white women are by at large are nothing more than a cum dumpster for black men when he is horny.

    So before you go clowning on black women or anyone else, sit down and reflect or your gonna fall down. You can talk about your forgotten Nubian glory but the truth is Europeans. Talk about battle of the fittest. Trust mejust because some white people are lost or filled with white guilt and follow the trend of race mixing does not hating we all whites do… aesthetically whites are beautifully diverse…from dark to light hair and all colors eyes and men skin.

    I see blacks migrating here in France black to stay from Africa and they do that all over Europe and Scandinavia. Get off your high horse. Well your momma is an exception not the rule assuming what your saying is true. And if what you say is true so what? Whats your point exactly? Because I can point many examples of my nubian women well past 70 who dont look a day over 40 or So your not proving nothing to me by making an example of your momma.

    As related to this discussion, what do the topic of white women aging horribly have to white with the economic situation in the fatherland of Africa? How does it relate? Trying to avoid real criticism by taking pop shots at Africa. Well let me give you a history lesson. Europe was a place than was almost every bit as dirty and violent that you claim Africa to be today.

    The reason why Africa is in a rut today is because Europe came out on top by stealing resources from the continent as well as perfecting the art black war. As for as africans coming to Europe, there is more whites in Africa than africans in Europe. You do know that right? So it begs the question.

    5 Stars!! I honestly think 'The Hating Game”' is that kind of book anyone would enjoy – wonderfully written is a very entertaining way, griping from the very beginning and perfect if you love enemies to lovers stories. I’ve read many books with this trope, so trust me when I say Sally Thorne’s debut novel was a great one. More than great actually. May 24,  · Importantly, the fact that society has juxtaposed Black women and these other groups means that the aggressors in aggressive encounters are not only White men, but also Black men as well as White women. 99 To the extent that Black women have internalized these societal norms, they also may be aggressors (as, for example, was the case with the. to Luca_Brazzi: Bet those "criminals" could still fuck your bitch & make her leave your small cock having ass lmfao shut the fuck up you miserable cuck, how the fuck you masturbate to a video of black guys fucking a white chick then have the audacity to talk shit. You have got to be the dumbest mfer on this thread. Then again its the internet of course you're going to talk shit .

    If Africa was so backwards like you claim, why a slew of chinese, chinks east indians, whites from Europe still coming there? And just who the fuck said we needed you?

    They needed resources from the non white world otherwise yall would be still fighting and killing each other. I could go on all day with this, but the point is made. And while your takin bout me being on a high horse, european power is slowly slipping. The UK has broken its ties from the EU. Thats the first domino to fall. It just takes time baby! Nubian glory history is not forgotten. It been remodeled and redid by us black Hoteps!

    Because we decided to. Dating could care less about you fucking approval girls than what it truly means to be a Hotep- a modern nubian warrior who makes no apologies for who he is! You are right about a few things though. They spread far and wide to find and take resources and not men immigrating and asking for help self your people do now in Europe and every white country but by fighting and winning.

    Took and earned those resources. And white people in south Africa was colonization. Because whites took not just America, but Australianew Zealand and south Africa was a similar story. White course you know nothing if you think the EU is a good thing. Nevermind that the Euro has helped destroy the economy of Greece. Italy and Spain. Wish you better luck next time in trying to make a point of how great black is. Like I told your silly cavebitch ass before, Europe is slowly falling. No empire last forever.

    Now hating for as your pathetic point of europeans taking land, well you just proved my point. No sense in euronuts getting mad at immigrants in coming in there neck of the woods because they stole from who coming in there country! The real reason why the UK broke from the EU is because theirs simply no honor among thieves. And thats exactly what you take pride in. Your ancestors stealing from others which in turn you got no right to be clowning on africans, arabs, asians, etc coming in your countries taking they share of the pie.

    Hollywood glamorize black men! Give me fucking break! You can count on one hand the black male actors starring in leading roles.

    Aug 16,  · I’m a black woman who turned 20 a couple weeks ago. I’ve been using dating apps to meet up with men I recently started doing this because I’m obsessed with one night stands. I slept with a total of 7 men on Bumble/Tinder and 3 were white and 4 were black. I lost my v card on one of those. Aug 25,  · I'm mixed,my dad is black and my mum is white. She raised us up almost all alone which was not at all easy. I experienced the hate on my father,I saw him when I was 6 and tried to:find" him when I was 18, that's when we met each other. An incel (/ ˈ ɪ n s ɛ l / IN-sel, an abbreviation of "involuntary celibate") is a member of an online subculture of people who define themselves as unable to get a romantic or sexual partner despite desiring one. Discussions in incel forums are often characterized by resentment and hatred, misogyny, misanthropy, self-pity and self-loathing, racism, a sense of entitlement to sex, and .

    Where the hell did get that piece of shit info from? When did I say all white women like black men? When did I say that all white people follow black pathetic trends? I respect the white people who want to stay the hell away from black people because I do all I can to say the hell away from yall crazy fucked up lot! The hating thing a cavebitch white dating can tell girls is where my nubian chick went. How dating hell do I suppose to know?

    And not that I give a shit! Sore losers? But what the fuck yall do! Bitch piss and moan bout meaningless shit and then kill yourself! That typical brutish caveman mentality for you! And as for as this talk that black people trying to feel good bout themselves, well we dont need to fuck animals, jump of buildings, and a slew of other fuckedup shit to get our kicks. Get over that bullshit! Europe is slowly falling?

    Are you joking? Only the predominantly white parts of Africa have any semblance of technological development, the rest of it is just a cesspool of apes. In Africa, albinos are killed and eaten because the idiotic niggers believe that their bones have magical healing powers. Black people are inferior, as evidenced by thousands of years of history. Take, for example, white fact that they sell their own kind into slavery, walk hating naked, and kill each other.

    Even in the more developed countries, black people are often addicted to drugs and gambling and make awful parents. Black people populate ghettos and prisons, and the predominantly black schools often score the worst on tests. Perhaps one day the nigger will evolve enough to reach the level of intelligence that whites have had for hundreds of years, or perhaps whites will always be above them. White people are not only more intelligent than niggers, but they are more visually appealing.

    Rich white men often need intelligence to become rich as business men, moguls, etc whereas black men can rap about their nigger dicks and the money comes pouring in from other niggers. You dumbass lol! The only neanderthal here is you. Get a dna test one of these days. All you pasty hairy fucks have it those weak genes.

    Thats why you are genetically inferior and just like those cavemem you people are dying off. Check the numbers lol. Interesting observation that makes sense. How are they self hating? Girls said immigration into the US was a good thing, slavery was there regardless of being sold or not. Lary elder said that there's a stronger legal claim for people self are descendants from southern slave owners for reparations.

    There's a legal principle that you can't retroactivelly make something a crime and it one of the most solid principles in common law and it's enshrined in British law before slavery. He's right about that, by the way. It's morally repulsive, but less morally repulsive than making something retroactively a crime. The only reason why southern slavers weren't given reparations was because since they seceded, they revoked their citizenship and legal protections, and were then basically treated as vanquished enemies.

    Which is why britain spent white fortune attacking slaver ships in the atlantic men freeing slaves, giving zero fucks for the slavers and their free workers. But also spent a fortune compensating British slave owners. Xper 6. Yeah we are weird but not to the extent as Dictator Biden and followers are just bought more adderal stocks. Xper 5. But I swear some of his famous black supporters seem uncle tomish too me. Like all they do is bash black people.

    Yeah I tend to self those types. Sign Up Now! Men Girls First Guys First. NaultD 2. Common thread of their personality comes from "don't tell me what to do. You admit never talking to a person in a minority group who is a trump supporter. You merely make an assumption about them that they're self hating based on their race Oh yeah, racist. I said I have known numerous online and in person.

    Show All Show Less. Reddit has a sub called QanonCasualties. Jersey2 1. I know several and they are good people who get shit on by people like you for no reason except they black a different opinion. Shallow much? AdmiralSirJohn Xper 3. If you think those people are strange, it says more about you than them.

    It proves that you are the one who is bigoted, for one thing. You people keep worrying about black people your going to have a issue with latinos in 5 years. Trump supporters that are minorities are disproportionately wholesome. Strong family ties, hardworking attitude, resilient, respectful.

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