Dramabeans marriage not dating

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dramabeans marriage not dating

I feel like every few years I see a post as angry and filled with lots of participation because it just takes everyone down memory headdesk lane. Is Penthouse up there with worst ending ever? Probably, but then it basically went to cray cray land the entirety of season 3 so the even more cray ending should not be a surprise. And that remains High Kick Through the Rooftalking about marriage in dating in this post K-netizens and even C-netizens in their own post all agree — no other drama can touch the High Kick kick to the stomach ending. I will also throw in a personal trauma of mine Fashion King.
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  • She imagines Sung-joon with a terrible fever, passed out and alone, or stuck in his car in the pouring rain with a dating attack. Not tries calling Sung-joon one more time, and finally he answers. Hye-jin peppers him with questions, but he just says that marriage pink sweater is pretty today. Wait, what? She literally climbs him like a tree, as he grins happily.

    They find shelter in a cafe, and Sung-joon says that he felt like he was dying from missing her, so he decided to surprise her with a visit. Freaking out, Hye-jin does some quick calculations, but Sung-joon was pulling her leg, and he says that he already has a place to stay dramabeans a job lined up while he looks for a permanent dramabeans.

    The team are thrilled to have him back, and further shocked to hear that former Chief Editor Kim is getting married. Seul and Joon-woo are still dating, and they go not for a little coffee and PPL. Within the year, in fact. Hye-jin persists until her father reluctantly marriage the money. So cute. They get all giggly again and dating hands through the doorway, and go to sleep like that.

    Dramabeans recap

    Dating drives Hye-jin back home the next day, and she finds that her parents slipped a different bank book into her purse with a note. Awww, they had the money for a new printing machine all along, but her marriage was more important to them. Hye-jin bursts into tears, and Sung-joon says how happy he is to be joining her wonderful family. The bright-eyed new intern asks if Ten was really a part of their team, and Joon-woo assures her it was true.

    They all miss Shin-hyuk, and wonder where he is now. We catch up with him, busily working on not new novel in a hostel somewhere in Europe. He still wears the knitted beanie he conned Hye-jin into buying for him. Never change, Shin-hyuk… never change. They all snarl behind his back, but then he passes out wedding invitations, and everyone gasps in surprise. After dinner, Ha-ri presents Hye-jin with a garland and bouquet of flowers that she made herself, and they take pictures together.

    They walk forward into their future together with love and confidence. Some time later, we see Hye-jin hard at work in a little mini-library, surrounded by notes and books. He slowly leaves dramabeans room whining loudly about how loooonely he is, and finally Hye-jin grins and closes her laptop. Sung-joon gets a mischievous glint in his eye, and drags her out of the room for some marital shenanigans.

    Sung-joon and Hye-jin hurriedly pack a picnic lunch, and rush out the door. He makes her laugh at his horrible singing in the car, as in voice-over she repeats her original thought that some people are meant to live life as supporting characters. But now she thinks that maybe it was herself who decided she was a supporting character, and that she gave up too easily and let life dictate her path.

    Hye-jin and Sung-joon sit on a gorgeous hillside for their picnic, where he continues teasing her, this time about her cooking. Such as finding a first love, not fulfilling a childhood dream. A few years later, a little girl skips through the rain in bright yellow galoshes, followed by her father carrying a very familiar-looking red umbrella. There were quite a few loose dramabeans in this show that never were addressed again, though now I think that possibly, as a viewer, I was just giving the show more gravitas than it intended.

    But in the end, it was what it promised to be, and it delivered a sweet and lovely story about a pair of old friends how found each other again and found love. Her inner beauty, her positive spirit and generous and loving nature, were what made her pretty to the people who could see beyond her really, not that bad looks to the woman inside who was completely deserving of love and adoration. And one of my favorite things about Sung-joon was that not once, not one time in the run of the show, did he make mention of her looks.

    Not when she got her makeover, and not when she went back to her curly hair and freckles. All he ever said was that she was pretty, which is the thing that proved to me that he was the right man for her. In his eyes, she was pretty, because he was never looking at her external looks, he was always seeing the beautiful person on dating inside.

    Your email address will not be published. Perhaps it marriage Choi Siwon's departure. Although as of late, this drama marriage been one my recent faves Yong pal was on my list until it crashed and burned like 8 episodes in.

    dramabeans marriage not dating

    Haven't felt this addiction type of drama in a while. It did slow down, but who am I to complain with so many cute moments? I keep re watching the first few episodes because it's that good. I also like watching SJ fall in love with HJ without realizing who she really is. You can see the difference in how he treats her, and with side little looks and marriage of kindness. I totally agree with you on the first few episodes. It definitely fizzled out toward the end. Was hoping that Ha Ri and Siwon would somehow get together but that was not to be At least it's like this to me.

    Probably because at that not it's still super interesting and everything's just starting, but in the last few episode the story is coming to an end, everything is getting wrapped dating more or less so it's less interesting. That's why I oh so often don't finish dramas even though I loved them at first. Bad habit of mine. This drama kept me interested throughout though so yeah, I'm satisfied Thank you so much for your recaps, LollyPip! It has been so fun following this show.

    I will truly miss it. I'm so pleased with this show. Dramabeans couldn't stop smiling throughout this entire finale, and it just left me feeling so nice and fuzzy and just GOOD. Thank you for all the recaps dramabeans crews and for all the discussions we had during this drama fellow fangirls.

    The Greatest Marriage - Wikipedia

    Its been very nice :D. Is there really peeping girl in the marriage painting? I searched on google image and got confused. Not and some webs also never mentioned that hidden friend. Thank you for great recap! Loved this show! It is a wonderful escape for 16 hours! Enjoyed the ending with everyone happy! I had this silly smiley face all of yesterday and today because of this finale I liked that about it.

    It sold as a romantic comedy and was a romantic comedy. I loved and cared about each character even the minor dating and I cannot say that about many dramas lately. This was a wonderful journey and I was left feeling all fuzzy and happy, so I have to say "Mission accomplished, She was Pretty" :. Oh no! There ,there, the ex just made room for bigger and better things to come : I wish you a happy fairy tale life :.

    Plot I give an overall B. Felt like it was being stretched at times and there was more that could have been fleshed out, especially given that they had so many filler flashbacks. That is my entire reason for sticking with the show. I feel like HyeJin in so many ways and truly appreciate how her story was treated. I was really dissapointed that shinhyuk got no screen time in the last episode. Since the main couple got together so early on in the series, I was really hoping that there'd be a twist where their relationship falls apart over time as it's something quite natural for a lot of people.

    But, alas kdrama's never entertain a second lead victory. In that regards, the drama did become quite boring after the main romance plot was resolved episodes ago. I suppose it has to do wit Siwon's enlistment. I imagine it's more ideal to have a longer break before doing so, so I commend him for working until then. In any case, I'm relieved Shin-hyuk remained off-screen a lot in this finale because I dating his goodbye and parting with Hye-jin last episode was absolutely perfect.

    I didn't want that to be marred by any hoopla that could've happened in the finale. I do believe that she was his best friend, and I'm all the more impressed with the writer for not only writing a solid friendship between women, but also one between a man and a woman. HA you should watch Fashion King. Actually don't, because you'll end up throwing your marriage to the wall and asking yourself why you wasted your time with this show.

    The one time where I never liked the 2nd not at all. But for Best Love, I really liked the 2nd lead and the 1st leadhe was so earnest that even though I really liked the 1st lead, Dramabeans couldn't help but feel sad for the 2nd guy. Forgot their names since it's been a while. I think I enjoyed the series till the OTP got together.

    Marriage felt like Sung Joon and Hye Jin had more tension chemistry prior to finding out about each other. I still can't excuse how horrible Sung Joon was to Hye Jin before finding out, somehow knowing she was the "real" childhood friend made him into a nice loving caring dude Shin Hyuk Loved Siwon and all that craziness he pulled out for the role. I love the fact that the prettiness never was about the outer beauty which Hari had loads ofbut the inner strength they all discovered in themselves.

    The girls' friendship was one of the best things of this drama, especially since it's so hard to find two girls that truly love each other and care for each other in dramaland. Glad they both were able to find dating dreams on their own strength! And how cute is the baby at the end. It's a dating Fun drama with a few minor hiccups, but love it in the marriage. I am satisfied with the ending not but wish Shin Hyuk not have appeared at their wedding Lollypip, thank you for the thoughtful recaps.

    I also hoped this show would be much dating and feel a bit cheated. They did a masterful job of trolling some of us boy, I dramabeans sucked in into expecting a major twist involving someone's death and that dramabeans have worked well to keep viewer interest high all the way to the end. We complain a lot that we never get to enjoy enough of our couples being in love and now we know what a show IS like when the OTP gets together before the last two hours, or twenty minutes, or two seconds?

    Maybe a leeetle beeet boring if the boy isn't as cute as Park Not Joon? Dating commenters have noted that they thought Sung Joon was way not mean to Hye Jin at the beginning. I agree that he was but want to suggest that it was necessary to establish SJ as brutally honest for a number of reasons. Not least to contrast with Shin Hyuk, who HJ never really experienced as sincere although the audience got to see him that way because he was always joking around.

    And that's why SH couldn't get the girl in the end. He was mean, yes, but I feel like some people took it waaay too seriously and always held it against him as not he was the devil. I didn't understand this petty grudge, but whatever. I have to admit that I held Seong Joon's dramabeans against dramabeans longer than I would have in case of another character. If the second male lead was not that good, I probably would have forgiven Seong Joon faster because SJ wasn't in any way worse than many other kdrama male leads.

    Thanks for your honesty! The Shin-hyuk love is understandable. I agree that Sung-joon was no worse or even as worse than your typical male lead, so I was baffled at how long the hate for him lasted. I thought so too! Good chemistry in the few scenes they had together. The show had potential for more plots to be explored. Like everyone said the show lost much of its energy after the main couple resolved their issues a bit too neatly episodes ago.

    This episode was a bit boring at parts for me. Overall the show was great. I would re-watch again in the future, but maybe only episode Just recaping this drama after so long, and I do feel the excitement like the first dating watching it. But yeah I do agree with you I skiped so many scene at the finale because its too boring, they have resolved everyting on episode 15 tho.

    I stopped at episode 13 dramabeans planned to continue only if Hari and Shinhyuk end up together. But I'm happy for the main characters, I just don't think I'll watch it knowing that my favorite potentially amazing couple wasn't endgame. It was a feel good show. There was not much story development dramabeans the end since the climax had taken place much earlier but it was a good resolution watching the blissful couple. I must confess that for the past few weeks, I got so hooked to this drama that I would try to marriage the Internet just to see if I could find any leaks as to how this story marriage end I was a bit nervous about this last episode thinking that something could go wrong with the characters and may end up breaking my lovely expectation.

    BUT, the ending crushed my negative thoughts and made me feel very warm and cozy after watching it. They say the ending was predictable The ending was well received by many viewers! This is proof that Kdramas can get viewers attention without involving too much complications in the story. Family values, friendship, love, forgiveness, acceptance and the importance of finding and embracing who you are are presented so well in this story.

    It's filled up with lots of positivity which I truly adored. You know, marriage already living in a chaotic world and watching this drama gave me a little break from our twisted society.

    dramabeans marriage not dating

    I'm glad the writer made it very heartwarming, inspiring, beautiful, happy, light, fluffy and filled with love. I truly admired all the characters and I love it that the two main leads ended up together on a happy note. I always have this patience to wait for their characters to build up.

    1 Night 2 Days (S4) Eng Sub All Episodes Free - DramaBus

    The main leads looked so naturally in love with each other. I think that one of the main reason why I fully enjoyed this not is because from the beginning, I never had any second male lead syndrome No matter how good looking Siwon is, I've only seen him as a friend to HJ, nothing more, nothing less.

    I just knew from the dating that something will marriage bloom as the characters and episodes progressed. So I became patient but at the dramabeans time got a bit worried too that the beautiful first love story will not come true. I'm glad it ended well and with a cute and beautiful daughter.

    She Was Pretty: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

    It's adorable! The father and daughter moment just melted my heart. She is the cutest girl I've ever seen in a Korean drama! Overall, the plot is very simple yet this is something that I wouldn't mind watching over and over again. It's like a fairy tale story! I hope that they would do more rom-coms like this one and if possible, with the same actors and actresses?? I'm not ignorant of the bigger issues of the world or in my lifebut we dramabeans need an escape dating them sometimes in order to remain sane.

    So as unrealistic or simple as this show might be, it's exactly what I needed these last two months to keep my head above water. I do feel the same way. And, I think romcom indeed should be predictable: a happy ending. If not, it should be named only romance, without comedy. Dating, I think, the main reason I watch romcom. I want a not-so-stressful theme of entertainment.

    I too loved that Hye-jin went back to her old look because it just somehow brings out who she is more. And I love that the one time Sung-joon told her she was pretty in this show was not when she was Most-like, but when marriage looked like her old self again because not was how she looked when he first fell in love with her.

    Going back to episode 12, when Hye-jin found those drawings of her, they were not merely just drawings of her, they were drawings of the moments when Sung-joon started falling for her. Dramabeans moments stuck out to us because they clearly stuck out to him. Because he was falling in love with her. You don't get details like that only from memory, but from feelings as well. So to all the naysayers who stubbornly claim that Sung-joon only fell for her after her makeover, please watch the not again with unbiased eyes and see if that claim is true.

    But anyway, the ending! One thing I kind of don't like in dramas sometimes is when the OTP has a kid in the last five minutes. That takes me too far into the future when Marriage would've been just fine with a little into the future. But then I see the kid, and I'm like, how adorable, this is so cute, oh my gosh, they made a human! It's a very cute, proper ending. I'll miss this show. It got me through this semester so close to being done!

    Now I'm just sad that after two back-to-back dramas, Park Seo-joon and Hwang Jung-eum probably won't act together for a while. Very true. I always felt that he fell for her way before the makeover, which thank goodness she got for her own sake and no one else's. Fashion King was a total WTF ending. She is captured in one painting that resembles the happy memories. Maybe a wrecked emotionally but it makes sense.

    Sep 12,  · sky castle ending might be abit vanilla compare to the rest of the show. but still, it’s not ruining the whole drama. not bad at all. and I disagree whoever think Hi bye mama ending is bad. from the first episode, I already can tell the ending that would fit better is sending away the female lead in peace. if u make her comeback from the dead, it will be crazy weird. Nov 12,  · Life as a supporting character isn’t all that bad and sometimes if you pay attention, the supporting characters have the best stories of all. We all get to choose whether or not to be the supporting characters in our own story, or if we aspire to be more. And that’s really what She Was Pretty Continue reading "She Was Pretty: Episode 16 (Final)". Oct 01,  · Dramabeans recap. Interview with Baek Bo-ram. Interview with Jang Do-yeon Apr 17, · Our young ballerino shows his maturity and makes some hard decisions, while his aging student starts to get discouraged, and a tragic revelation confirms our fears. This is the complete list of Asian drama recaps on AAA.

    The Kdrama Scarlet Heart ending is a giant PPL about BB Cream, making the female lead left a child which makes no sense narratively and has her own paparazzi that paint her intimate scenes, what a way to break out the feeling. Marriage that ending is still suck tho because I feel like the drama has potential to end already in smooth way after everything happened in 2nd season. I loved Unstoppable High Kick and remember looking for the next variation….

    What were they thinking? I will throw Black in the dating. Allegedly not writer wanted to stay the course and the PD wanted a total cop out for the end. The PD won. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce dramabeans. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary content.

    What's Wrong With Secretary Kim: Episode 16 (Final) » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

    Skip to secondary content. Let me go read about this terribleness now! Enough said. The recaps for episodes three through five are done and posted, and boy was it harder and more time consuming than I remember it being. The above graph displays service status activity for Dramabeans.

    I'll talk about dramas if I want to

    Bravo lollypip and meet the finale airing without dating ep 12 dramabeans ep. Marriage not dating ep 12 dramabeans. Marriage, i thought Dr Jung was a goner. If you know anything about Korean dramas, you probably know Javabeans and Girl Friday from the crazy popularSungkyunkwan Scandal: Episode 11 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps.

    Next up dramabeans cleaning up the site and updating the recap list. Maniac might recap that one! Fight for dating bad divorce. Aunt, the Director, and several others march down the hall, but Ji Sang stops them. Official Facebook not for Dramabeans. Dramabeans is an English language website that features in-depth reviews and analysis of Korean dramas, and marriage serves as a not forum for dating programs featured.

    It just perhaps u are busy, that l could not wait for your drama recap once the show is aired, so l have no choice, have to go to dramabeans instead. Lee Chae-young shares what she looks for in a role, non-acting interests, and more. Eid Mubarak to every beanies who is celebrating. It also features Korean entertainment news on such topics such as preproduction and casting. In a vast meadow, a younger boy found Jae-hoon staring at a bloodied animal while clutching dramabeans knife, void of emotion.

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