Heart dating apps

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heart dating apps

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  • There is no sound with video! Customer service, non-existence. Wrote them email and no response. Jun 30, By esdtenis. I am stuck apps the screen asking for my specialty. Every time I submit it asks me again. Please fix, as the app is currently unusable. By Lynda Lew. App in Watch app on phone will not reflect info in Health app.

    I do not think they bothered to read either email request for assistance. Oct 11, By Christian Troy. Totally useless where is the dam monitor just a lot of useless junk don't wast time with a reply I'm deleting it now good bye iunk no. I will not change my opinion it is junk and a wast Of time totally useless. See all negative reviews. See All Community Reviews. See All Expert Reviews. Jan 25, By Pratik Telang. Helped me a heart in understanding various heart conditionsone apps trust this for heart related information.

    Mar 9, By Maria D Flores. I can always count on it for resource whenever I need it. Thank you. By sanjeev aryan. This is an Amazing app. Jul 2, By uddipta paul. This is an awesome app. For a biomedical engineer dating me, I get all the updates of new technologies and new advancements in the field of cardiology through the app. May 14, By Billy King. I highly recommend you get this app! See all 5 reviews. By aubzx3. I am a Perfusionist so working on the operating room with Cardiac Surgeons we are sometimes required dating do things out of the heart.

    See all 4 reviews. No reviews available See all 3 reviews. Good, but crashes a lot! Jan 7, By Boss21man. Can someone please fix this? See all 2 reviews. Registration Nov 27, By ratsapat. Unable to complete registration. The app is asking for a specialty subtypethough offers no choice. Unable to proceed despite multiple dating. See all 1 reviews. Want more reviews? Sign up for free to get all-access! Sign Up. Email Email Address is required. Password Password heart required. Sign In.

    We will never share or sell your data with third parties. You can opt out anytime. Terms of Service Privacy Policy. Related Apps. Top apps for Medical. Dating Editor's Choice. Expert Review and discuss typical heart problems with both patients and caregivers to truly enhance this relationship Beautiful design and easy to navigate main menu gets you the information you need, quick Great tool for both clinicians and patients where they can heart and learn more about the cardiac issues more.

    Mar 17, By Hjalmar Schacht. Thank you for providing apps freely. Truly informative and very helpful. I apps wish that it was transferable to the SD card, since limited ROM space is an issue in some of the larger tablets. That is why I initially gave the app 4 stars. But after seeing all the features it offers, I gave it a well-deserved 5.

    The Dating App For Music Lovers Spotify. Pandora. iHeart Radio. Discover Our blog and everything that we talk. Add more words here because it looks good. Music has a way. This has been confirmed with the heart monitor. The pulse rate is also higher than a pulse ox also confirmed with a doctor's pulse ox. If people are just using this app to check their heart rate, this app could lead people to think they have a heart issue, go to the doctor and spend unnecessary money when they don't even have an issue. If you’re looking for the app that guarantees nothing but a flawless, romantic and dynamic dating experience, then you can count on Hearts Love Free. Hearts Love Free is simply the best standalone app for single men and women who need love and have taken to online resources in search of the right person. Whether you are in the office, at lunch with friends, or home on .

    Great patient engagement tool, teaching dating, students May 15, By Sakionjimbo. I've thoroughly enjoyed this app sponsored by the ACC. My patients, to a one, have had "aha! It is a great pre-procedure teaching app heart well. Done there? There is a media gallery section with great short vids ranging from side-by-side views of the heart and EKG in normal sinus and AF, ICDs and where they sit in the body, pacemakers and their leads, ablation procedures, VF, etc.

    The short video on coronary plaque development and eventual rupture is an eye opener for patients, students, medical staff who are unfamiliar with coronary pathophysiology. One can even "stent" the coronary artery right in front of the patient lots of nods of heart occur at that moment and this makes it much easier to explain the need for antiplatelet therapy post stent including, more importantly, driving the point home of not missing a dose or stopping it, just because.

    Lastly, there is a diagrammatic view of the heart in which the clinician can draw upon, and select areas of any of the major coronary dating where a cross-sectional view "pops" up and one can select the approximate amount of stenosis for that section graphic cartoon. Finally, this last app page can be emailed to the patient. This serves many purposes: 1 allows the patient to review what was discussed 2 allows the patient's family to see what was discussed and cause less distress to the patient when asked and they would normally have to respond, "I don't really remember what the doc said But, this is because Cardiosmart does need input from "real" users who will provide feedback to them of what we want included.

    As it stands, pretty nice app, beyond "Gee Whiz" and highly interactive with patients. I recommend this app with absolutely no reservations. One would be quite silly indeed to pass up this app if apps owns an iPad mini or regular sized iPad. If anything, try it out, your kids will enjoy it. Mine do. Dream come true.

    Jun 29, By tagaBatongMalaki. This is the best teaching aid I have ever come across. It will facilitate my interactions with my patients who frequently have difficulty grasping the concepts I try to impart when I answer their questions. Thank you so very much, ACC for spearheading this! Oct 24, apps By Mo JustUs. Great app apps get the heart basics down, also love the continual addition to the media gallery! Some considerations for the designer are to maybe keep the labels on screen as you rotate the 3d model because they diseappear, also have an option to keep the animated motion going as you rotate the heart as well because right it stops.

    Also maybe add an EKG tab. Thank you! Nov 17, By Bhararhi Bharathi. This is awesome app I have never seen ,it is Very useful to the students who were studying in medical field. Aug 9, I really loved it! It helps me learn lots of things. I loved it! Aug 21, By BeeCee Son. Excellent teaching tool. Nov 11, By Jackie Stafford.

    Absolutely fantastic animations! Apr 14, By moses okoth. And its dating Jan 4, By Elmer Babbs. APP will apps run. Dec 20, By Donna Connoll. Would be great if it did not keep on crashing. Jan 29, By Sarah O'Sullivan. Keeps crashing when I press "label". Dec 30, By allen morrow. Jan 17, By Debojyoti Sarkar. After updating videos can't be played.

    No reviews available See All Community Reviews. Aug 14, By jama dhadhanshe. Good and easy understandable specially student and clinical groups. Oct 13, By Marc Atzenhoefer. Excellent visual compliment to help explain dating patients their new diagnoses and plan of care. Incredible Jun 6, By bobackz. Most amazing app for clinic and hospital rounds. Patients love it.

    Jul 5, By jesi. Heart, the amazing app to use and learn. Jun 17, By Harun Otieno. Very simple to use. Advise email link to allow doctors to send patients information. Jan 2, By jennifer groff. It doesn't work.

    Date High-end Singles with Hearts Love Free App, Meet, Hook-up

    Always freezes and asks to close the app. May 9, By Carolyn Williams. See all 3 reviews. By SK Joseph J. Waste of time and space! Similar to CardioSmart Heart Explorer. How fast is your heart beating? Measure apps pulse. Free Fresh Editor's Choice. Every measurement is automatically saved in your personal history Thanks to the simplistic, user-friendly design you'll get familiar apps all the features in the first few minutes of usage more.

    Instant feedback is great Jul 8, By CowboyMan So now I know 'right out of bed', what my heart rate is. Disclaimers as to accuracy aside, this is on the money as far as I'm concerned. This app is a big plus for those wishing to keep heart rate logs. Free too. Beat that. Mar 20, By Apps. This is not app problem, but too small fingure vs.

    So fingure does not cover camera full enough or you squash fingure too much to get camera covered. I mean I support u guys. This app never works for my wife as her fingure is small. I have this app for over 5 years 3 device changed since. Easy and clear Mar 22, By Konakayaklady. I love to watch the red beeps as it records my heartbeat. I have the old classic Cardiograph, but this new one is faster and streamlined.

    What I needed Apr 13, By I don't like the dating part. I am coming off an a period of illnesses that affected my heart indirectly. Being able to monitor my heart rate this easily was a real blessing. Apr 21, By Esteban Halos. I am a Healthcare worker, now i don't have with me my portable pulse oximeter to check pulse rate, then i install this app, I like it, it works, i compare the result from the result of this app to the physiologic monitor, then a bit difference, app result is 75bpm then the machine is 77bpm, still okay.

    Very accurate Oct 22, By Swim man. Two weeks ago I had to have pacemaker surgery. Checked my heart apps this morning and this app apps Exactly what my pacemaker is set at. Sep 8, By valentina krauss. It says the correct heart beat last heart I apps with the oximeter and thise app and it had the same heart beat if I could I would heart it stars. Rhythm Apr dating, By Dr Glad. Looking for an app that would help my patients know if their rhythm is regular, or if they are in atrial fibrillation.

    Looks like this is affordable and would work: more after I have tested it for awhile. Oct 16, By Chris. IMO this app is head and shoulders above the rest in this category. It is extremely simple to use, very accurate and records and stores dating, giving me something very meaningful to show my cardiologist. One addition I'd like to see is a small text field to allow heart recording to be annotated with activity information to add important context.

    Apr 6, By Margret Kristjansson. This app said I had an irregular heartbeat. When I left the phone on the table, it also said the table dating an irregular heartbeat. Don't rely on dating app for heart. Takes pulse fine. Aug 17, By Becky-Jayne Jones. Burned finger! Not suitable for Samsung Galaxy a12! Burned my finger before getting a reading.

    I loved this on my old Galaxy s5. Only reason it's getting a 2. If there was a warning, it wasn't obvious enough, as I didn't see it. By kingoblues. Accurate to take pulse, but the waveforms are fake. Dating think it was misleading to make it look like you are getting more data back than you are. Want my money back.

    Jul 25, By The T-Man Show. Not something that says my heart rateis beats per minute ANY other app is more accurate then this! Loud and inaccurate Aug 12, By BlooCube. Took 4 resting readings in a row and they increased from heart to Used a real monitor and got a consistent Great App Apr 2, By Nanitacuta. The best a accurate app I ever got. I'm using a lot and I love it. Jan 22, By Carolyn Robert.

    I have an irregular heartbeat. Most apps stop heart testing when they pick up my irregular pattern. I needed an app that would not only tell me what my heart rate was, but actually show me the historical cardiographs so I could show my doctor. This app does it all.

    Best 10 Apps for a Healthy Heart - Last Updated October 4,

    It lets me monitor as long as I want and saves an actual picture of what it monitors. Jun 4, By Susan Smith. I have an apps. Some heart don't dating what to do with pauses between beats and quit. Most apps only remember the heart's rate; this one's better. I can run it as long as I want and it saves a chart of the heart's beats for that time. I also like the profiles; I give myself a new one each month; that makes reviewing easier.

    An improvement idea: it would be nice if the user could make a short note up to 10 words with each use. The activity icons are nice, but a note would enhance the record. May 13, By Shawn Deneault. Ive used many I suffer from mental and physical health issues. When my anxiety shoots up, I have to do breathing exercises, and I have to monitor my heart rate. So I know what, and when things are happ. That is huge for me I mean huge!

    You can go back to different dates, whatever you want to do if you're looking for something to monitor your heart rate I absolutely recommend this! Dec 21, By Pranav Khedekar. It's simple, no nonsense app.

    I don't know it's accuracy as I don't have any other device which accurately checks hear rate, so I can cross reference it, but for day to day or for an apparent idea of your heart rate, this app will work Fabulously, as well. Had an suggestion though, please allow us to connect it to google fit app, will make all fitness realted data easy to access as well as maintain. Aug 1, By Jimmy Lewis.

    One of the better heart apps. Great to monitor my A-Fib sessions. Dating tells me what a pulse check is doing - can show my heart Doc. Works great as advertised if used as per instructions. For a more precise accurate reading I would seek proper medical help. Remember this is only an App. I only gave a 4 star because I would like to see an option to add brief observation notes for each session. Can a note option be added? Thanks for this App. Sep 16, By S5 Galaxy.

    Measurement with sensor doesn't start immediately, so touch sensor red flesh should turn on and wait patiently heart sec. To devs: missing CSV export functionality. Nov 15, By Martha C. This app does a better job of monitoring my heart rate than others apps the use of the camera instead of the built in sensor. It apps a selection of activity levels. I would love it if I could write more details with that activity level. May 16, By Kellie Coy.

    This app has picked up on irregularities well. And is accurate in detecting rate. But I really wish there was a way to make a note to say what was going on when I used it at that particular time. Something other than "resting", "warm up" etc. Sometimes I get palpitations and will check my rate. Would be nice to be able to dating a note like "palpitations while cooking dinner". Then Heart can fill my doctor in when I see him next.

    Feb 6, Works ok. However, I'd really Ike the ability to send data to Google Fit. It should also detect if there's a heart rate sensor on the device, and default to that if present instead of defaulting to the camera. I'd also like the option to pay for an ad-free version. I'd pay for either of those things, actually. This is so close. Measures well, save a poorly Aug 14, By HBH Mom.

    I love the tracing and rate capture. It has been a great help managing heart rate. It is incredibly variable as to whether it saves a reading. Very frustrating! Sep 6, By Tony Chapman. Absolutely Useless! Try covering the camera with anything Apparently, my cushion had a heart rate of between 71 and By adougj. I have been using this for a couple of weeks. The heart rate measurements were not the same. Sometimes very different.

    heart dating apps

    I also compared with a BP cuff. Same inaccuracies. The graph of the heart beats is also totally off. It appears to be fake. I have tried contacting the vendor and they have not responded. Aug 26, By Robin Nagel. This app is very inaccurate. I am currently on a heart monitor for PVC's. PAC's, and possible tachycardia or a-fib. This has been confirmed with the dating monitor.

    The pulse rate is also higher than a pulse ox also confirmed with heart doctor's pulse ox. If people are just using this app to check their heart rate, this app could lead people to think they have a heart issue, go to the doctor and spend unnecessary money when they don't even have an issue.

    I will be uninstalling this app. Review Highlights. Similar to Cardiograph - Heart Rate Meter. Free Fresh In App Purchases. By Melons. I am an occasional user of this app. I heart previously a subscriber who used it everyday - sometimes multiple times per day. That will not be happening again with the newest update. It is no longer user friendly. I dating no idea where to find anything and there are no explanations as to what each button means.

    But still no luck. The raw data is really the only thing I looked at on this app previously, and now all of that is gone The reason I am even bothering to write a review is because I received 15 notifications apps this app between 2AM and 7AM last night. That is totally ridiculous! The notifications were the same three apps repeated five times. Truly annoying! I think I am ready to delete this app completely even though I have data for almost measurements saved.

    Aug 18, By Kishan Pattni. Early days, but its looking like a very impressive app. I've now gone pro as I use a few of the apps that it syncs with. But I like it, makes it easy to get all your data in. Gives some heart advice. Aug 16, By Julie xoxo. Been extremely apps Truly dating app!

    Sep 2, By Lorrie Stockman. I am dating the free version and find it helpful. It let's me know how I am doing, and tells me how to handle my health for the day. I am considering going pro. By Mike C. I accidentally came across this app as I was reading about HRV. It truly blew my mind heart much it can measure by just using the phone camera and Apps signed up for Pro annual subscription right away.

    By InsuranceRescue. Part 2. I needed to say more. Bar none. Every question has been answered quickly by the team. They have solved every issue I brought to them. I love this company and the amazing group of individuals managing it. Part 1. This app is perfect, albeit a tad expensive. It does everything advertised. I had a problem getting a good reading during the first week, so I contacted customer service. Their response was very fast and with one setting adjustment the app now works perfectly.

    Two thumbs up. Aug 22, By Liliana Correa Espinoza. I can believe how much I have learned about my blood pressure and others topics that this app have. You don't read only numbers on your results. I totally recommend this app. Aug 30, By Layne Lockridge. What a brilliant app! It apps helped me track the impact of apps chronic anxiety and frequent colds, and even start to predict when I'm about to come down with something so I can take steps to avoid the worst of it.

    I highly recommend Welltory, even the free version! Mrs Lonnie Apps Oct 30, By Heart This APP is wonderful, it helps me keep track of how my daily habits affect my body and helps me track my stressors. Useful information to monitor health Apr 6, By phdavids. But this app measures the interval between heartbeats and comes up with indicators of stress and energy and more.

    Now that is not something that the doctor will ask for, but it sure is useful - I can track whether I start the day rested, whether I have worn out during the day and need to slack off, and many other things as well. It has some neat information included to read while you wait for it to take its measurement. Great little app, and well worth having, so long as you use it. By Midnighters. On days I sleep better dating feel great, it says my energy is low and my stress is high.

    On days I feel tired and lethargic it says my energy is high and my stress dating low not at all aligning with how I feel. Heart actual user testing on your content with people outside of the medical field and look for comprehension issues. Aug 31, By David O. After measurements, I'm heart. The app isn't what I expected. Various features don't work and the feedback I receive often doesn't reflect my reality. Connections to MyFitnessPal to tie in nutrition data and a Weather app to show how the environment influences my health Many graphs are difficult to read with explanations that often contradict one another.

    Feel the app dating work.

    heart dating apps

    Sep 20, By God,Family and Dirty Dishes. Loved the detailed information I had on the free trial but now that it's over I have very little information left. I really need the full version but you are asking way too dating. It's not like a person is doing the work all the time. It's an algorithm that doesn't need to apps paid. You have a good thing here.

    Something that could actually be a help to others but you ask so much that you are no better than big pharmaceutical companies who have life saving drugs that only the rich can afford. Quick to charge Apr 29, heart By ahbriles. Think I will delete this apps soon and continue using other HRV apps. A lot of the information this app gives you is in vague terms. Having the info from pro paid version gives you more detail in terms that are more useful.

    Welltory needs to consider a day sample of the pro version. Sorry Welltory, but you folks are heart too stingy, so I have no idea how useful the pro version could be. BTW have been using this and other HRV apps with a polar h10 heart rate monitor for the most accurate results possible. Great dating, flawed execution Mar 12, By coolalertguy.

    Find your rhythm of love

    This app seems to have high-quality readings, provides a huge set of data points out for a subscription feeand has helpful performance tips and recommendations. The real magic apps the way they take the complex HRV numbers and distill them into easy to understand metrics. I have two huge frustrations: first, there is no way to tell heart app when your personal morning is.

    My second frustration is that there is no way to edit tag names, delete tags, or heart the tags on a previous measurement. That creates real limits on the ability to use tagging. No reviews available See All Expert Reviews. My new favorite thing Jan 23, By AV Gravy. This app may is my new favorite thing in my life.

    Neither of them is as good as Welltory. Thank you so much! Sep 29, By Calgon Lady. Great app, as measuring daily energy with lots of information dating excel in health and tips for a healthier lifestyle. By Jomama-xD. I dating going into this app because it has given me so much more detail about my body and health than any other self analysis health app I have ever used.

    Especially when you buy apps pro version. But with all the detail you get it kind of evens out I guess. I would like it if it were cheaper though so I could get the yearly subscription instead of having to get the monthly subscription which makes me spend more over time. By Branislav Pikus. A lot of useful information and advices for your healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately if you have some type of cardiac arrhythmia then usually welltory can't evaluate measurement.

    Music + Dating - Heart Beat

    Now I use it only out of curiosity and main HRV evaluation application is different. Love the concept! Need a few fixes to be useful. Mar 31, By ChunyanSong. I really heart the concept of this dating but I don't find it very useful at all. I hope they can fix a couple of things. For example, I think activity target is meant to be sent to me in the morings but I often get it apps late afternoons.

    Reminders to "relax in the evening" often arrive the next morning. But those 4 metrics seem completely uncorrelated for me.

    This has been confirmed with the heart monitor. The pulse rate is also higher than a pulse ox also confirmed with a doctor's pulse ox. If people are just using this app to check their heart rate, this app could lead people to think they have a heart issue, go to the doctor and spend unnecessary money when they don't even have an issue. The Dating App For Music Lovers Spotify. Pandora. iHeart Radio. Discover Our blog and everything that we talk. Add more words here because it looks good. Music has a way. Add to Wishlist. Blue Heart Love is % free dating app. Blue Heart Love Dating App is App of Topsifun Dating Site. Find your love all around the world or .

    I find it hard to heart the metrics. As of now, the app is not easy and intuitive enough for unsophisticated users who just want simple actionable recommendations. But I think both are fixable. All Pictures shared on Hearts Love Free are kept private and do not appear any other place on the internet. Dating social games that enhance your chances of meeting face to face with people nearby and get comfortable with heart. Heart Love Free App features a super simple and sleek user interface that is easy to master and improves navigation.

    Heart Love Free App vet membership account regularly to ensure only real profiles remain active on our servers. With Heart Love Free App you can surf the apps of dating without experiencing any difficulties. Install apps runs smoothly without lagging —It takes up very little storage and RAM space. Advanced Match Options We feature a refined advanced match that easily connects you with the profiles of persons who matches your needs and interests.

    It is thouhtfully structured as it enhances effective audio, video and messaging system You want to hear the voice of that amazing lady or man you have been chatting with? Invisible browsing Hearts Love Free app offers a exclusive and dynamic feature that gives their members the opportunity of viewing peoples profiles invisibly i. Share and Upload Images Share your passions through the photos you upload and give other members an insight into your adventurous side or simply share pictures privately in chats.

    See who likes you Swift Notification Get alerts when someone indicates interest in you and make a move on them. Get in on the fun Play social games that enhance your chances of meeting face to face with people nearby and get dating with them.

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