Reddit whats it like dating girl ltr askmen

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reddit whats it like dating girl ltr askmen

Facebook Twitter Pinterest Instagram. Ah, discussing sex with women is quite an interesting experience. Just the other day, I asked one of my girl friends what she secretly wants her man to do to her in bed. Her reply was not what I expected. She basically had a list of errors. I hate that.
  • Reddit - AskMen - What do you think of Southern accents on women?
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  • Guys On Reddit Reveal Pickup Lines They've Used That Actually Work
  • What’s it like dating a best friend?
  • They love me well and they love me HARD.

    reddit whats it like dating girl ltr askmen

    So why would I expect any less from a guy I want to date? So I put that stuff in my profile. So take that paragraph where you state — very clearly! Also, Captain? I already knew I liked you because this blog is awesome, but that section from your profile is top-notch. The Ayn Rand thing is key. I really respect that!

    Defining character trait. Marrying someone who saw it as a flaw to overcome would have been a recipe for disaster.

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    Oh man yeah! Currently dating someone I love dearly but who finds some of my quirks frustrating. Oh, boy. I was the introvert in that particular situation once or twice, and… yeah. I loved that he calmed me down, he loved that I brought excitement into his life. I find the idea of appealing to a wide variety of people exhausting before I even begin. Typos also happen. I sort of thought that this was the entire point of profiles on dating sites, and especially those compatibility quizzes where one can identify acceptable responses as with OKCupid.

    I find it baffling. Some of them are going to use that profile to represent themselves really well and see who messages. Some are going to use the profile to attract as general a range of potential dates as possible. Perhaps their goals are different. Perhaps their methods are the ones that work for them. If their way is one that you find pointless or bland or repugnant, clearly they are not the person for you, and that is okay. Because not everything is for you.

    Neither is everyone. Rejoice in the fact that you have discovered that people who use OKC are not for you. When I was on OKCupid years ago they were definitely playing both sides of this. They definitely have.

    Reddit - AskMen - What do you think of Southern accents on women?

    Ayn Rand was a firm pass for me, too. It worked out well. Found my husband online — he was wonderfully open and honest about himself and his message showed he read my profile, had zero entitlement re: my response or interest, and was just introducing himself. I could still swoon over how respectful and nice that message was. I cannot overstate how empowering it can be to put your basic wants and needs out there and be as specific as possible before even talking to the person — as Kat G says, it will really help you deter the people who are a bad fit and draw in those who are a great fit.

    I feel closest to people who reciprocate enthusiastically when I express physical and verbal affection. On our first date, he was also very disconcertingly explicit but not pushy! I think two things make me feel more secure when reaching out to people I think might be a good fit:.

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    Hopefully there are some who can; the good thing is that I really only need to find one of them! I always wondered if it was an extremely lazy version of negging. I rejected a dude once and he responded by calling me fat. I was like…the worst thing you can say about me is the truth? Try harder, dude. Starting dating again in my early 30s following a divorce and need all the good advice I can get! When my first relationship ended after going a decade plus, flipping what was missing led to a list for me with items like wants to spend time with me in public, respects my knowledge of myself, wants to make out with me, compatible worldviews, and so on.

    This is genius! Sass and I have exactly all of those books on our shelves right now, am I about to get internet broken up with by CA?!? I definitely agree with the Captain about her dating philosophy. My friends who read my profile before I met my husband were fond of telling me that my profile was too sharp and exclusionary.

    5 Things Women Secretly Want In Bed - Top 10 Dating

    I wanted to meet the right person. I got a lot fewer messages after that but one of them was the right one, so. Similar people I know ended up with generic mansplainer, mediocre white guy and the most boring man alive. Cookie cutters are for cookies. I have yet to see what the problem is with being exclusionary though. There are other people who would be better suited to specific qualities or hobbies — find them.

    And, no. Just no. So now I care: No dudes more than three inches taller than myself. Call me when the patriarchy is smashed. I met my husband online but in that time before all of the dating sites broke through. We literally met in an AOL chatroom remember those? I used to sit in a chat room and watch the scrolling conversation go by for sheer entertainment value. This was common, but I used to throw off the guys who were interested in me by asking them to answer weird ass questions if you were a color, what color would you be and why?

    He did. To all 23 questions I came up with. He thought that I was interesting and we met two days later. Please and thank you, I have a mortgage to pay. Thank you to everyone who has written a comment and of course to our wonderful CA, for her on point advice! More power to us all!! Man this is such good advice. Thank you for asking it! Her reply was not what I expected. She basically had a list of errors. I hate that. Then there's the fact that he rarely, if ever, goes down on me.

    While it wouldn't be a deal breaker, it's probably the least attractive accents one can have. Right up there with southy Boston and cockney. I don't think anything in particular about them. I've also lived in Alabama for most of my life, so they're basically standard around here. I'm not a native English speaker so I don't really have a great ear for accents but the overly strong southern accents I don't really like.

    Guys On Reddit Reveal Pickup Lines That Actually Work - Dating Tips

    It's completely unsexy and makes her sound uneducated and rural. Sorry, Southerners. A mild one is just fine. If you sound like you first wore shoes at age 18, it's not attractive. I know, I had a coworker who was from rural Alabama, had an absolutely absurd accent, and was one of the smartest guys in the room. Still, if I'm dating someone, I have to listen to them talk every day Similarly, I had a pretty intense Boston accent as a teenager, and I've since suppressed it because people didn't take me seriously.

    I start dropping Rs here and there when I get drunk, though. I'm Canadian.

    Guys On Reddit Reveal Pickup Lines They've Used That Actually Work

    Other Canadians get up in arms about the stereotypical Canadian accent, but it exists. If you're a hunter or a fisherman visit northwestern Ontario sometime. The flannel and earflappy hat wearing hoser types are up there. They're also some great guys to drink with. And as for other southern accents; I really like the accent of girls from southernmost sweden, especially if they have a husky voice.

    Guys of Reddit, when do you stop pursuing a girl?

    I'm not a fan of speaking or listening. You'd still irritate me even if you have a hot accent.

    What’s it like dating a best friend?

    Share the link. Add a Comment. I'm glad it's not just me. I'm from the UK but I always thought that the Southern accent was pretty hot. It's funny because I'm from Texas and I think the Scottish accent is hot. Good luck trying to understand what they are saying. Yes please! One of my top five sexiest accents for a woman.

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